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Every weekend afternoon, they will appear on this road. His eyes were deep and his two gray eyes were motionless, which made his eyes look hollow. He had a cane on his right hand, his slender body leaned forward slightly, and his left hand rested on her shoulder. Petite, her gait is light, if there is no hand on his shoulder, I must be able to go faster. But she always kept the same pace with him, and the two joined together in one go, and walked to the supermarket.

Heart to heart, love no trace From the nearest supermarket in their home, there are always discounts on the weekend. So every weekend they rushed to buy. That day, as usual, he and she went out of the supermarket door, and he took a cane to his shoulder and stood upright in front of her. She skillfully hangs two plastic bags in tandem with the crutches on his shoulders, and quietly hides the other two heavy bags behind her back. This took his hand on his shoulder and prepared to go home. He stood in the same place, holding his cane in his right hand: his left hand groped from her shoulder, and finally “paid” the next two shopping bags from her hand. He explored the bag and touched the one. He found out a new paper fan and handed it to her. Then he hung the two shopping bags in tandem with his cane, and then patted her. The shoulders can be gone. She smiled softly, her mouth was high and she stepped steadily.

The sun is not diminished, and the weather is suffocating. Not far away, his clothes are soaked. Liu Haier posted her sweaty forehead, so she could barely open her eyes. From time to time, she brought Liu Haier back to her ear, took a few steps, and turned to make him a few winds. He was still afraid of being tired of her, and then gently pressed her shoulder with her fingers, urging her to hurry. So she turned her head again and took a small step. Going home after another crossroads. At this time, the sun has disappeared, and the evening wind is gently smashed. There were only a few pedestrians on the road, and there was a red light in front. She led him to the end of the zebra crossing and waited for the road. At the moment when the green light was on, an off-road vehicle slammed like a daunting ghost, and the steering wheel seemed to be out of order, and it rushed straight toward them. She was unaware of the disaster approaching her, but he heard an unusual “squeaky” sound and slammed her to the right – the off-road vehicle turned to the side, the bumper on the car hangs him, and he will He fell. The crutches on his shoulders threw a few meters, and the things in the shopping bags were scattered all over the place.

The back of his head was on the ground, his head broke a big hole, he slammed his blood, and the pain caused him to be soft, but he groaned, opened his hands, danced in the air, and shouted her name with a weak voice! A few meters away, she saw that a bloody road was spreading under him. She wants to run to help him, but her legs are like lead, and she doesn’t listen. The driver was also injured and stunned in the cab. The passer-by helped the “120” and reported the police, but no one dared to move him and her. In this way, she and he are close at hand, but as far away as the world.

He still moved in an inch, she wanted to tell him that he was still alive, don’t waste his energy to find her, but he couldn’t make a sound in his throat. Later, she saw the paper fan falling by her side. So she picked up the paper fan and threw it at him. Unfortunately, the paper fan was too light and fell half a meter away from him, but he seemed to feel something, and he groped and moved forward. She turned her head and found a thin sausage. She loves to eat this thing, but she is reluctant to buy it, but he said that it was her birthday for a few days. To eat better, I bought a few. She grabbed the sausage and threw it over. This time, the sausage was on his shoulder. “She hurts her man like that, and throws him with something. This woman is afraid of being a neuropathy!” The onlookers whispered and talked, and she threw a sausage again – he fumbled, a sausage that threw her over. Pick up the roots and hold them in your hand.

Ten minutes later, the ambulance whistled, and the medical staff rushed to her as soon as she got out of the car; she shook her head and eagerly pointed to the man over there. So the man was first saved in the car. Someone in the crowd was exclaimed: “It turns out she is a dumb. The sign language means that he is hurting more than me, save him first!”

Her legs were broken, and he was seriously injured in the brain because of a brain injury. The doctor said that he had created a medical miracle and lost blood for a long time.