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For some things, you need to blink one eye and close one eye. This is wisdom; but for some things, you can’t lick one and close one eye. This is the principle.

Meeting is a matter of two people, but separation is a person’s resolution; meeting is a beginning, but it is to meet the next separation. This is a world that is prevailing, but we are not good at saying goodbye.
  —Milan Kundera

Everyone else is paying attention to when you fly high and fast, and only he is concerned that you are tired and tired, this is a friend. Others pay attention to your money, less money, less official hours, only she is concerned that you are fat and thin, that is the mother.
———The Dancer in the Dark

The boy liked the girl, he confessed to her, the girl refused, she said: I am one year older than you. The boy said: I am 13 months old when I am a month old. You are thirteen times mys. I am four months old when you are two months old. You are seven times my own. When I was one year old, you were two years old and you were twice as big as me. As long as you are willing to be with me forever, we are always getting closer.
———Beautiful love words

I asked the Buddha: If you meet someone you can love, but you are afraid that you can’t grasp what to do? Buddhism: How much love is left in the world, and the world is changing; and there are lovers, doing happy things, don’t ask if it is robbery.
——— Suffering from loss, even the happiness in front of you will be lost

Any environment or person, when you first meet to see the pain of breaking up, you must fall in love with him.
———Huang Yongyu, “Along the Seine to the Cui Cui”

To get the love of others, you must first love yourself. Because a beautiful woman is like a gem, but it takes a few days to red, and the years are not forgiving. And a woman with wisdom is like a treasure, and a man is willing to dig for a lifetime.
———Ma Yun said women

Life is the kitchen; income is the mall; the bonus is cosmetic; the property is not; the grade is the boss; the body is the man; only the freckles and wrinkles are their own.
———The sorrow of a woman

People who have been dissatisfied with hair style have one thing in common: they refuse to admit that this is a problem with the face.
———The person who lives in self-deception

There are two ways to inspire, one is to see others succeed, the other is to see others fail.
———This is “inspirational”