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He is a tear in your past life. In this life, no matter who decorates your dream, his dream is only the only embellishment of you; no matter who you call, your name is the only obsession in his heart. not regret.


In the world, perhaps you are a cinnabar that is branded in his heart, but in the end it becomes a flower that makes him unreachable. I don’t know if it is the interlacing of time, or the cause and effect of reincarnation, there is kind of love, and the distance that you will always turn away from you. Once you start, it will never end. You come, lost his dreams; you go, fat his acacia.

Love is a very mysterious thing. It is unclear, the road is unknown, the cut is constant, and it is still chaotic. In the world, there is a kind of love that knows that there is no result, but still sticks to the original place, and does not leave, even if you can’t hold your slightest temperature, he still chooses to wait for you silently. Along the way, his heart is only for you, his mountain city is only for you, his day is only for you, his night is only for you. Even if he loves you and stays in the desert island, he will still look at you with the most affectionate look.

Since the day I fell in love with you, I missed the addiction he couldn’t stop. Your smile, every glimpse, all touched his heart, a hundred thousand thoughts, he only read a glimpse; thousands of red face, he only loves one person. He is willing to wander in your life for a lifetime, willing to be a horse for you, the horse is the leader, even if you never give him a promise, even if you never give him half a love, he still has no regrets.

As Zhang Ailing said, “waiting for the rain is the fate of Umbrella I.” When you are deeply rooted in his heart, no power can remove you from his heart. Whether you are the roller blind person around him, whether you are a sleeper in his account, his gaze will always be drawn by you. In his love story, you must be an irreplaceable protagonist. Since then, In his waiting, in the wish, in the blessing, in the care, there will be you. He can quit everything, but he can’t stop you.

Just because I saw you more in the crowd, he never went far. He is not close to disturbing. He is afraid that he will disturb your pace of life. He does not easily say love to you. He is afraid that it is an offense, a kind of awkwardness, a kind of injury; he does not easily change his mobile number. I am afraid that you are worried about finding him. Because of love, he can be low to dust for you, you can give up the sun and moon mountains and rivers for you, you can wander for the horizon. He doesn’t care if there is spring in his four seasons, because only you are his human being in April; he doesn’t care if he lives in the day or night, because only you can illuminate his world.

In fact, he is afraid of loneliness, but because he will let himself fall into deep loneliness; in fact, he is afraid of loneliness, but he will let him follow the loneliness because you will let yourself. How hopeful he is, you can understand his silence, understand that he is silent, understand his words and stop. Sometimes you can’t see him because he is hiding behind you; sometimes you can’t hear him because he secretly disguised himself with silence. Even if he is far from your mountains, as long as you call him, he will be able to arrive quickly; even if he has everything to do, as long as you wave to him, he will certainly turn his back.

You make him sad, he will laugh and say no; you hurt him, he will find reasons to forgive. If you laugh, maybe he will smile more brilliantly than you; if you shed tears, maybe he will be more sad than you. Because of you, he will fall in love with the city where you live. The place where you live is the fascination of his dreams. The distance keeps his love; the time, the light does not fade his thoughts. For the reincarnation of the season, he always believes that this life is only for you, even if he is missing this life, he will still make an appointment for the next life.

Walking in the South, he will be eager to shake you and travel through the rainy and rainy towns of Jiangnan. When he is in the North, he will look forward to sharing snow with you and going through the snow curtains to the fairy tale of dreams. His footsteps drift with you, and his heart beats with you. Inexplicable, seeing a figure similar to yours, and hearing a voice similar to yours, he will be excited for a long time. Whenever and wherever he is, he is quietly loving you in another way that is not known to you.

Xu Zhimo said: “At least once in a lifetime, I forgot myself for someone, I don’t ask for results, I don’t ask for a walk, I don’t want to have it, I don’t even want you to love me, I just want to be in my most beautiful years. To you.” He is like this. I met you in this life. He thinks it is his happiness, even though this happiness is mixed with thousands of pains.