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Life is like a dream, years are ruthless, and people are actually a kind of mood; whether they are poor or rich, they are good, they are good, they are all over the clouds. I remember that in a book, I saw such a story and I was inspired by it.

Learn to change your attitude towards life. “A teacher gives a very beautiful coffee cup to a student. When the students are praising the unique shape of this coffee cup, the teacher deliberately pretends to be a lost hand, and the coffee cup falls. The concrete floor fell into pieces, and the students continued to sigh.

The teacher pointed at the pieces of the coffee cup and said, ‘You must feel sorry for this cup, but no matter how sorry you are, you can’t restore the coffee cup to its original shape. Remember this broken coffee cup when something irreparable happens in your life in the future. ’

This is a successful quality education class. Students know through the broken coffee cup. When people can’t change the fate of failure and misfortune, they must learn to accept it, adapt to it, and learn to change their low mood. ”

There are unpredictable things in the sky, and people have a good fortune. It is inevitable that anyone living in the world will encounter several unfortunate or difficult things to change. In this world, there are things that can be resisted, and there are many things that cannot be resisted. If the death of a loved one and various natural disasters are facts, what should you do? Can only accept it and adapt to it. Otherwise, depression, sadness, anxiety, and insomnia will follow. The final outcome is that you cannot change these irresistible facts, but let irresistible facts change you.

Many people ask me: Why do you always feel that you are happy?

In fact, who is not bothered? Who can resist the troubles of various emotions?

At this time, I will put myself in a short-occupied space, put on headphones and kiss the sound of the sound of the sky; will open the speaker, get drunk with the singer; will take a hot bath, unload the exhaustion of the soul; will also prepare a meal A sumptuous dinner, a few friends to eat a meal; will also come to the empty field to scream from the lungs, venting the backlog of grievances, or write something, put some resentment in the lines. If you do this, your heart will be a lot easier, and you will have a good night’s sleep. When it’s dawn, everything will be new.

In today’s increasingly stressed society, it is difficult for people to maintain a good attitude, and it is essential to change moods and change attitudes. Knowing how to handle your emotions will give you a healthy mindset and a better life.

As the Islamic Koran says: “If you call the mountain come, the mountain does not come, then you go over…

There is a saying that “one’s physical health is 1, and wealth, affection, career, family… are all 0s behind, only attached to this 1, zero existence will make sense, if not This 1, then everything will not exist.” Therefore, the most important thing in life is to have a healthy body. What is the healthy body to rely on? Then you must have a happy mood, so we must learn to release stress, relieve fatigue, and change your attitude towards life.