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Hi, I’m Nikki from Korea ,here is my blog with my emotional expression
Life, fear is the heart, the pain is tears. My own scenery, never missed, not my own scenery, always just passing by. The world is too big, people are too small, not every beautiful scenery can have. For a lifetime, I only want to have a landscape that makes me linger, and I will never give up. Every heart has an irreplaceable feeling that is always associated with a certain landscape. The scenery of life is also a thing. Born in the world, everyone will inevitably experience a cold wind and bitter rain. Every time we walk, we will encounter a hurdle, high or low.
Every time, it will grow once, or more, or less. Every time you move, you will get hurt once, or deep, or shallow. Every time I listen to a song, I will be moved, worried, or happy. The reef can’t stop the river from flowing east, and the sadness can’t hide the time flies. In our whole life, how many gullies have to be crossed alone, and how many regrets are left for the years. Pursuing all the way, busy, gathering, separation, passing by; rushing in and out, bitter and sweet, happy and worried. Gorgeous flowers, mature body and mind, from years of tempering, people relax, peace of mind, make life easy, make life rich.
Being alive is a kind of practice, and it is full of vitality when you look at it. It is spring every day. There is no assumption in life, no if, the past is forever, the present is all. Use a normal heart, live an ordinary life, dream of your own dreams, think about what you think, love what you love. Cherish the happiness around you, appreciate your own possession, put it down when you can’t move it, and look down on it if you can’t afford it. If you can’t figure it out, you will lose it. If you hate it, you will heal it. Life is not easy, life is not long, why use your unnecessary troubles to practice yourself and hurt the years. Take a look at Rongda, feel at ease, and be open-minded.
In the years, people are rushing forward, sweating in the bumps, and all the faces are tired. In the world, people look forward to good, beautiful, and rarely fulfilled. Tired and secretly hidden in the bottom of my heart, painful tears, how many unspeakable pains, gently released in tears. Life is like this. If you think about it, you will change slowly and unconsciously. If you are good, you will gradually change when you walk. When the dust settles, time passes, and you understand the mistakes and feel deplorable. The smoke is gone, the things are human, and you understand the fault and feel sorry. It turned out that when things were coming, all the sighs turned into scars, and when they reached the end, all the emotions became pain.
Through the four seasons, life will experience the wind, frost and snow. When the fate is gathered, it will precipitate the true feelings. When the feelings pass through the years, they will understand the warmth and warmth. Those who truly love you will never leave, and those who pass by you are just obsessed. Many words, don’t listen with your ears, but listen with your heart. Many people don’t look at them with their eyes, but look at them with their own heart. The warmth may not last long, and the indifferent may not be unintentional. If you accompany you to the last, you are the one who truly loves you.
When life is in the world, no one is easy. Living outside, everyone has tears. Even if you are frustrated and suffer from it, don’t give up easily. Even if a person is hurt, his heart is hit, and don’t deliberately retaliate. Because giving up means giving in, revenge shows that you still hate. When people are tired, they are often exhausted. When they are tired, they often shed tears. Those in life are tired, half are themselves, and half are life. Life is not used to oppose, life is not used to fight, the heart can be compared to the heart, can understand, love, love, who understands, to understand the peace of mind, tolerance will be wide. Life is alive, it is inevitable that it will be unsatisfactory, it will inevitably be wronged, it will inevitably be misunderstood, and people will make irresponsible remarks.
People in this life are easy to say, simple to listen to, and hard to do. Not every piece of land grows hope, not every effort can be successful. Some things are easier for others to do. You may not be able to do well. Some people are going very well. You may not be able to do it. Instead of emulating the most exciting others, it is better to be the most authentic one, take the road of your choice, do your own thing, and love the person you want to love. Not doing anything, not mind, simple and natural, with all your heart!

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