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First, there is no longer road than the foot, there is no mountain higher than people, there is nothing that can’t be done, only people who can’t think of it. It is not the mountains and seas that stop you from advancing, but often a small grain of sand on the soles of your own;
Second, familiar habits, familiar routes, and familiar days, there will never be a miracle. Changing ideas, changing habits, and changing a way of living often create infinite and unlimited scenery.
Third, one thing happens, like it, enjoy it, don’t like it, then avoid it, avoid it, change it, accept it if you can’t change it. Can’t accept it is your concept, don’t blame the matter itself.
Fourth, unable to change the world, can change the concept, can not change things, can change the mood, can not change the views of others, can change their own ideas.
5. You can’t change the wind direction. You can adjust the sails. You can’t control the weather. You can adjust your mood. If things can’t be changed, then change your mind.
Sixth, if you want to change things, you must change yourself first, and you can change the world only if you change yourself. The greatest enemy of man is not others, but oneself. Only by defeating oneself can we overcome difficulties.
Seven, the fingers are dirty, you don’t have to cut off your hand, the hat is small, you don’t have to cut your head, prove whether the egg is odorous, you don’t have to eat it all, eat a good egg, you don’t have to know Chicken mother laying eggs.
Eight, the sun will not rise because of your frustration, tomorrow will not rise, the moon will not stop because of your complaint, tonight. Covering one’s own eyes does not mean that the world is dark and blindfolded, and that it does not mean that light belongs to oneself.
Nine, the road will have a long end, and there will be an end when the night grows again. No matter how big the rain is, there will always be a stop. The dark clouds can never cover the smiling sun.
Ten, the fish can not stir the sea, the fog does not fall down the mountain, the thunder does not fall down the hill, the fan does not disperse the fog, the deer’s neck is longer, the total height is only its head, the human’s toes are longer, also Long but his feet, people’s actions are faster than thought.
XI. There are only unhappy axes, no firewood that can’t be opened, and only people who can’t think of it can’t do anything. There is always a way to do it, and there is always a reason to not want to do it.
Twelve, people who like to chase dreams, remember not to be dominated by dreams, people who are good at planning, remember that people who have no dreams to achieve goals, and who have the spirit of hard work, remember that it is more important to choose the right direction than to work hard.
Thirteen, don’t think that you can settle down when you build a city. Don’t think that you can harvest the seeds. Don’t think that you can conquer them when you climb the summit. Don’t think that you are blocking the mouth of others. What you hear is praise.
14. Think of yourself as a big tree, and always have the sorrow of being blown down by the wind, treating yourself as a seedling, and enjoying the sun and rain when you are cheap.
Fifteen, eight times a day mirror, is not equal to beauty, nine times a day to talk empty words, is not equal to the doer, who is good at blowing the virtual, is wearing an uncovered veil.
16. There are two difficulties in this world: one is to change others, and the other is to change oneself. Asking others to be very painful, it should be easy to change yourself. To change others, change yourself first.
Seventeen, the road of your own choice, you have to go through it, don’t blame, as long as you are strong, go to the bottom of your heart and show your smile to others.
18, health and happiness is the most important, happy every day, often with gratitude, often doing gratitude.
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