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In the middle of the night, a person lying in bed, quiet and silent everywhere, there is a feeling of loneliness like a reptile creeping into my heart, tossing and turning, can not sleep. Gently, put on headphones to listen to music, open the book…

I have seen such a sentence: There is a feeling of helplessness, and there is a kind of beauty called loneliness. For those who can’t stand loneliness, loneliness is terrible and fearful. For me, loneliness is the beginning of a successful life. It is a kind of quiet beauty, not awkward, not prosperous. It is a pure love of one person in peace.

You see, Liu Zongyuan, who is fishing for the cold river, is lonely. On the river with heavy snow, a small boat, an old fisherman, fishing alone in the cold river. The heavens and the earth are so pure and silent, leaving him alone and colluding with all things. It’s spotless and silent. This high-ranking and arrogant fisherman is exactly the true portrayal of Liu Zongyuan’s self-destructive depression and distress in his political resentment between his mountains and rivers. His solitude is too lonely, too deserted, without the smell of fireworks on earth.

In fact, everyone has a loneliness that others can’t understand and can’t extricate themselves. It’s just that many times, this loneliness is always blinded by the glitz of the surrounding, which leads to the illusion of prosperity. I don’t know, ignore this kind of loneliness. In a sense, we don’t really live. Perhaps we should learn to enjoy loneliness. When you are alone, you can hear your heartbeat and breathing, and find your lost self.

Unconsciously, I also like loneliness. My loneliness has nothing to do with the windy month. It has nothing to do with depression. It has a strong atmosphere of fireworks. It is just a joy when one is alone.

I like loneliness, don’t talk to anyone, and do what I like in peace. Let the body and mind squat, temporarily forget the cumbersomeness of “chai rice oil and salt sauce vinegar tea”, to experience the elegance of “Qinqi calligraphy and painting poetry hop”; temporarily put aside the chaotic and busy journey, to feel the quiet and indifferent mindlessness; Your emotions and sorrows, to appreciate the fullness and peace of life.

So, experience loneliness, feel lonely, and be the best leisure. The body can be recuperated in loneliness, heavy physical strength, and excessive labor, so that the body needs a proper loneliness to nurse. The mind can find a rare peace in loneliness, no longer worry about the intrigue of life, no longer worry about the burden of daily life, and find a way to adjust the mood in loneliness, let the mood in loneliness Have a unique enjoyment.

The highest accomplishment of loneliness is to create in loneliness, or to read the ancient and modern, write and write, and plant flowers and plants. One more lonely happiness, one less waste of inaction, let life spend in the creative loneliness, let every minute of life time not be vain. I have everything in my loneliness, and you will feel that you are not alone. Then you will understand that the person who can truly have loneliness is the happiest person in the world.

Yes, I just enjoy being alone. Because, I am just one of the most inconspicuous grasses in the world. Jing is my posture, it is my state of mind, and loneliness is my enjoyment.

Loneliness is a realm that reflects the energy hidden by a person; loneliness is a treasure, it contains noble feelings and pursuits; loneliness is a burning, its brilliant fire gives warmth and strength; loneliness is a love Because, people without love will not be alone…

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