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I often think that time is a good medicine, people can make their own self, and unforgettable people or things will finally be relieved in time.

The time of the lane, who has not had a young and red lips, who has never walked through the confusion of youth, who has not been young and frivolous, who has not gone through the rise and fall of fate?

In life, there is always someone who has seen the scenery with you. There is always a pair of hands to warm your way. There is always a song that makes you listen to tears. There is always a piece of text that you can’t bear to touch and bury in your heart. .

When one day, standing on the other side of the years to look back, those innocent years, those vicissitudes of temper, have become yellow memories, and finally moved the time, but also moved themselves.

The seasons are tumbling, there is always a morning in the wind, and there is a beautiful evening. When you come all the way, it is warm, leaving, knowing, reading and not thinking, giving up and reluctant, all become illuminated. The lights on the road ahead.

One day, you will find that what you once wanted to firmly grasp, slowly put it down, once it hurts, slowly the wound will be crusted, not painless, not forgotten, just relieved

The years did not ring, let us taste the sadness of the scattered and separated, walked through the high and low ups and downs, but did not stop every minute and second. When starting and ending, it becomes a way to have to sigh the power of time.

Rossi said: “Compared with the lost time, all losses are a kind of gift, no regrets.”

There are laughs and tears in life, and the strong things will slowly fade under the running of time. The passage of time will show you better scenery, let you meet better people, better things.

A cup, only empty, can re-accommodate the water, life, and simple and simple to move forward, we do not have to stay in the past.

The life is farther away from the original point. The past is used to recollect. Today is used to cherish. Tomorrow is the warmth that has been used to expect, life, or intersection, or rubbing shoulders, never changed.

Time to hone people’s mind, people to middle age, in the years have been separated by a few mountains and rivers, finally understand that light is the ultimate destination of life.

Life can’t be rehearsed. Every morning is a new beginning. Every twilight is an end. Forget about yesterday’s unhappiness, make a sunflower and walk towards a bright smile.

No matter how life makes you feel like a face, keep your heart warm, your heart will not move, and the wind will be fine. If you don’t hurt, you will be innocent. One day you will learn not to fight, not to be close, not to be slow and easy to walk.

In the past, the horses and horses were very slow. They could only love one person in a slow life. Now the time is very fast. They can’t see the scenery around them quickly. Although the time can be old, the heart can still be young. After all, the years have never been spared. We, we have not spared years.

One flower, one world, one smile, one life, there is a difference in life, the flower blossoms thank you, the origins fall, all the floating, one day will become the afternoon window, the sun is still warm, the sun is still warm, time in front, Everything will be released in the end: Spring blossoms
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