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After a few years outside , I start to understand people are the most weak animal. I realized that we have to do whatever we are looking forward to do in our short life!

People are alive, don’t think too complicated, just for a lifetime, born in the joy of their loved ones, and left in the sadness of their loved ones. And we don’t know all of this. It can be expected that no one can control their own life and death, but we are fortunate that we have life and have this life.

People are so simple for a lifetime, we all hope that we have a happy and perfect home, every day is a happy and happy person. But in real life, not all people and things are satisfactory, every day we will find all kinds of difficulties and troubles. When people live for a lifetime, they will encounter a lot of helpless things. How many people who are angry and resentful, but do not think of this for a lifetime? What else can you not see? The confusion and sorrow in the human world, the grievances and hatreds have not disappeared for decades, and what can’t be resolved, can’t be deflated.

People in this life, we should live happily and happily in this life. No matter what God gives us, as long as we don’t lose faith in life and pursue our ideals, as long as you work diligently and optimistically and calmly, I want to hope that Heaven will ignore the “lovers” of life. . People are such a short-lived generation, we can’t walk in the world in a painstaking manner. So let us all start with happiness! Do what you want to do, love the one you want to love. If you do something wrong, you don’t have to regret it, you don’t have to complain, you don’t have to give up on yourself. The world has never been perfect. Falling down, getting up, cheering up, coming back. How can I see the rainbow without the wind and rain, I believe that I am a strong person in life, and I will be more stable next time in my life.

People are so simple for a lifetime, come to this world in a hurry, each of us really has its own goal. If we struggled with this struggle, we have already struggled with the fight, but unfortunately we still can’t get what we want. Whether we can think about it from another angle: life is alive, how many dreams we can’t achieve, and how many goals we can’t achieve. People in this life, we are looking up to the dreams we can not achieve, looking at those goals we can not achieve, whether we should look at our gains and losses with a normal heart. “You can do what you want, but you can’t ask for it.” For one thing, as long as we try our best to do it, if it doesn’t succeed, it should be very fulfilling, satisfying, and no matter what the outcome is.

People are so simple for a lifetime, if you want to live a comfortable life, live free and easy, you have to “remember to remember, forget the forgotten, change can change, accept unacceptable.” Only then, You will live a new self with personality! People are in this life, don’t go too demanding, don’t have too much extravagant hope. If we are struggling to pursue it, we still have nothing to gain. We might as well think about it this way: Since God does not favor me, let me stand out from the crowd and prevent me from excelling, why don’t I force it to be strong? Others are famous, but they are mediocre. We may wish to comfort ourselves like this: It is yours, it is always yours, hiding and hiding; not being yours, never being you, asking for nothing.

People are so simple for a lifetime, why do we have to work hard to try our best to take possession of things that should not belong to you? Money, power, and reputation are not the most important. The most important thing is how to be kind to yourself. Even if you have the world, you will disappear when you die. If we think so, we will not add any unnecessary troubles to ourselves.

People have been so simple for a lifetime, we all thought that there are many things that can’t be let go. “I will never let go of it.” In fact, there is nothing in this world that can’t let go. As time goes by, when you look back, you will find that what you thought you could not let go is just a springboard in your life. All the sorrows, pains, and things that can’t be given up are just transitions in life. When you skip, your life can be more exciting.

People in this life, lost love, frustration, and even divorce, and even the suffering we have suffered in love, is just a springboard, it will make you mature. When people are on the springboard, the hardest part is not the moment they jump, but before they jump, the struggle, hesitation, helplessness and suffering of their hearts are impossible to talk to others. We thought we couldn’t jump, closed our eyes, and brave our courage, but we all jumped over.