New York escort Asian service Q&A

What is an escort service?

I believe that there are many new and potential customers who don’t have a special understanding of our asian escort service. In fact, it is simply to let customers experience the different services of girls in different countries in Asia. They will stay with you, no matter if you are Whether you are in a foreign country or a local country, you can let our girls accompany you and spend a good night with you.

What is the rates of the escort service?

We charge differently for different regions. Generally speaking, if you are in New York City, the normal rate standard is $260/hr. Of course, sometimes we have to look at the distance. If the distance is far away, we probably gonna charge a little more fee.

What time does the escort service usually start?

Our normal time starts at 9:00 pm, and our earliest appointment can be at 8:30 pm. Of course, customers can make an appointment in advance. Just call or text us to let us know your number is 9179632195

Which girls’ escort service is recommended?

All of our girls are carefully selected and trained to appear in our escort gallery. Of course, every girl’s escort service is different. The people we recommend are GiGi, KiKi, Cindy, Elsie, etc. We also have newcomers just joined, Jolyn, Aimee, Lily Choe. In fact, they are very professional. I hope that customers can try the new escort service.

What if the customer is not satisfied with the girl?

If the customer is dissatisfied with the incoming girl, we can change it for the customer unconditionally. If the customer wants to cancel the service after the girl arrives for some reason, the customer only needs to pay $30-50 for the Uber fee.