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Everyone is yelling. It seems that they are just working hard. Everyone is screaming and screaming. Everyone is trying to find the life they want, so they are struggling on this road.
So why do we have to work hard?
Waves are stronger than waves and will not be hit by waves on the beach. After the waves of the Yangtze River push the waves, one wave is stronger than the waves. In a highly competitive society, who is more capable and who can better stand in the community. If you want to live, you won’t be eager to work hard. Results can only be converted in the same place, so you can only view other people. We have all heard such a passage. The most terrible thing in the world is that no one is better than you, but people who are better than you are still working hard. Why don’t you struggle? I am never afraid of being late, but I am afraid of life.
His child hit my child1 and arrogantly said he would not pay 10,000 yuan. I am qualified to bring 50,000 or even 100,000 counterattacks to the children. The text that was previously spread on the Internet is very interesting, but what is the hidden nature of this sentence? Imagine if you have money, then when someone insults you to insult your child, you are fully qualified to get more rewards. This is not to educate children about violence and vanity, but rather to let your child or yourself suffer such great dissatisfaction and harm. Otherwise, we assume that you have no money. When others say this, you will get angry and return to the “rich”, and then secretly cry to the place where the child can’t see. Of course, you can also choose to let the child fight back, but you have to bear the next claim, you have no money, no power to fight others.
Your child’s environment is also good after you work hard to create a better life. He can receive a good education, see more good things, can’t stand hunger and cold, because he has no money, and saw the darkness of society in the early days. He has more opportunities to do what he wants, and you have the ability to meet all his reasonable requirements. It turns out that children with superior families are more confident and healthier than children from poor families. Of course, if you have an education problem, or if you are too embarrassed to lead him, then you will say it.
I am worried that even in the future, I will not dare to live, and even my dreams will not wake up. Money is not omnipotent, but money is impossible. Maybe you will say “What is money, this is superficial”, even cursing behind the girl “I would rather sit in a BMW car crying, don’t sit on a bicycle.” But you know, if you don’t have money, maybe this Not scary. You don’t work hard, you don’t know how radical it is.
Do you imagine future food and clothing, as well as possible accidents, are you afraid to go to the hospital in the future and are afraid to spend money? If you really need surgery, you don’t have to worry about surgery is necessary. Will you force you to have nowhere to go? In the daily news, how many poor parents have no money to heal, because their children are sick, they can only make money or beg, or seriously want to sell blood and sell kidneys, these are forced by life.
Sometimes it is painful to face the pale reality, so I would rather hide in the dark night, hiding in a beautiful dream, worrying that when I wake up, everything will recover, you have to face all these sufferings. Is the future you want as helpless as life?
I am worried that the glasses will be broken together. After years of broken dreams, when a few old friends get together, you can talk about drinking and talk about their dreams after drinking for many years. The wine glasses met together. It was a broken dream. The wine glass fell to the ground. It was a broken pain.
You think of your dreams of the past, think about your desire to love, think about the night you started in Walden, face this lonely air, you will enter the top 500, you must become a good lawyer, You have to be in the entertainment industry. From the beginning of the cloud, you want to… but everything is just a dream and an idea. You didn’t work hard, didn’t struggle, didn’t fulfill your dreams, and proposed it in the future. Is this the future you want?
I am afraid to let my parents down, afraid to let myself regret. The recent fire is nothing more than “You are still young. I am worried that it is too late.” Yes, we are still young, afraid of what is too late, but dear, we are afraid that parents can not wait. I can’t wait to see the day we ended, we can’t wait for the day we are proud, we won’t be able to spend the day for them. When we are young, we are eager to grow up,Like an adult, you can decide your own life, but when we really grow up, we find that the world we grow up is different from ours, and as we grow, it becomes a reality. helpless. We began to realize that when we grew up, our parents were old. We started panic and fear. They are worried that they can’t see the day we are getting good. I am afraid that I cannot create peace of mind for them. I am worried that they will still be worried about us.
If we don’t work hard now, we can’t take our parents to enjoy the food and taste the food. The significance of our efforts is to let them eat and eat without worry, enjoy the beauty of life, not worry about our life and work in their later years, but also bring their own pension money to you. Therefore, our success must exceed the speed of our parents.
I am worried that the blood sprinklers of dogs that are not led by the leaders do not dare to scream. Class reunion focuses on the careers of others and has low self-esteem. They see that they like what they don’t want to buy, and they try to save money every day. There is no place for buses and subways. Bread and noodles are served every day. This is a delicious meal. These sad life reminders will be your situation, not hard work.
The purpose of our efforts is not to look at people, not to see people, to be proud of what we want to do, not to be swallowed up by work and one person, not to be despised, to live with dignity and courage. To be honest, I took a picture of my chest and proudly said that this is me. This is the life I want.
I want to see or qualify to be with someone I like and want to talk about intimate love. This sentence always motivates me to move forward: “I try to stand on a person I love. One day, whether or not he has money, I can open his hand and embrace him.” The best feeling It’s a game, you won’t be inferior to him, and you won’t be proud of being better than him, because you are equally good, excellence doesn’t mean how much you can do, but you are independent, and every emotional attachment doesn’t apply. life. Don’t be afraid to leave without ta, because you can still live well when you leave ta.
If the other side of the couple is very dazzling, maybe they are not optimistic at first, but they are not lost because of their deep feelings, but when they are very long, they will find that there are many insurmountable things between them. The gap, a lot of thoughts that don’t care, so there are more and more contradictions, starting to hate to start quarreling until the final breakup.
Perhaps the effort is to prove that the soul is still alive, we have not given up on ourselves. Looking back at what you have achieved in the past few years, what have you lost, and what is our life? Where is the meaning of life? It’s a day, putting all the arrangements into practice to enjoy life, and the day we got in the past.
Maybe we try hard to make progress. It is to let yourself feel the meaning of existence, let yourself have something to do in this world, pursue life, prove that their souls are not completely withered, and prove that they have not been defeated.
If you eat it, you will still be hungry. But we still have to eat. If we sleep, we will still be sleepy. But we still have to sleep. Learning is not necessarily useful, but we still have to learn. We will eventually die when we live, but we still have to live. Maybe this is the meaning of life, your soul is guiding you to be a better person, and you are abandoning those who do not know how to entertain.
The best answer I have heard about why we work hard is: because we only have a lifetime. Perhaps the answer to why we all work hard is not as good as the last one: because we only have one lifetime, our life is only once! Time will not come back, time will not pass away, those who missed the scenery you missed have become memories that cannot be turned back. When it is mentioned in the future, it is a pity that it is full. We only have one life. Many things do not have the energy and time to do it now. We are always used to procrastinating and used to tell ourselves that the time is still very long, but the present day is precious. Why not try to achieve what you want in your youngest and most energetic years, and the road ahead will be much better.
Life is not long and short, and those you think that there is still time left in your eyes. We only have one life, we have to let our life exert infinite value in a limited time, and we will not come to this world.
Do you ask if the effort is really useful? Do you ask if persistence will succeed? I certainly can’t answer exactly. But I can make it very clear that when you really work hard, what is the result of your so-called is no longer so important, because in the process of hard work, you have defeated the one who has enjoyed the world and has not found it. A more positive and better self. Work hard, just to meet yourself better.
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