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If no one believes in you, believe in yourself; if no one appreciates you, then appreciate yourself; if no one wishes you, then bless yourself. Self-confidence is the source of success. Introspection is the ladder of growth. Self-improvement is the prelude to progress. Proud is the prelude to the future! Use your heart to touch your own sunshine and use your love to create your own century! I can read and understand myself, and the world can understand you.
Happiness is comparative. Just like a bottle of ordinary mineral water, when you drink for the first time, it doesn’t feel like the rest, but when you taste the sweet and sour taste, then you can drink the mineral water again, you will feel it, this is happiness. a feeling of. Happiness is very simple. You have it from the beginning, and you don’t know. After you have gone far, you can see that happiness is very simple, just a bottle of mineral water.
Don’t think that there is better behind, because now you have the best; don’t give up because you are too far away, love can go with you; don’t give up because the other is not rich, hard work can make you rich; don’t because Parents give up and give up, you will find that the love that is abandoned for this reason will be the regret of your life. –In fact, for love, the more simple the more happiness.
Calmness is a realm, and faith is a spirit.
Love can make you mature, but it can also make you fall. It can let you learn to love, but also let you learn to hate. It can make you feel that the world is so beautiful, and it can also make you feel the world is cool. It can make you live a vibrant life, or you can make you feel bad. It can make you feel tall and can make you feel humble. It can make you feel good in the spring, and it will make you feel bad.
A plain day. A person who loves one will not end because of a breakup, and will not be able to do one infidelity for one time because of a mistake. People who love each other will grow up together in the twists and turns of feelings. As long as after a twist and a smashing of the past, love has grown a bit, and another twist has smashed the past and everyone learns to cherish each other. All the way down, love is getting deeper and deeper, only deep love, knowing each other’s good, will not be separated.
There is no value in past events, and memories and reflections on past events are valuable. Don’t forget the past when you are successful. Don’t forget the future when you fail.
Let go of your hands, not love, but hide your love in your heart.
Sometimes, when you hear a song, you suddenly think of someone. Sometimes, walking through the familiar street corner, suddenly remembered a person’s face; sometimes, inexplicable sadness, just want a person to be quietly in a daze. Sometimes, there are a lot of things to say in my heart, but I don’t know how to express them. Sometimes I find myself growing up overnight, suddenly I can’t find myself and lose myself. Be kind to yourself, lost yourself, you can only slowly come back.
Success is a simple matter to do it repeatedly. When it comes to success, you can’t stop it.
If you have owned it, don’t forget it; if you have already got it, you should cherish it; if you own it, you can’t give it up! You know, right? A lot of things were later seen clearly. Many things didn’t feel bitter at the time, but we couldn’t find the way to come… you only need to give you the answer… just consider it.
“I am confident, not because I am strong, but because I believe that I can become very strong!

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