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In life, some things are missed, and they have been missed for a lifetime; if something is lost, it will never be found again. In fact, no matter when, people will change, they can always hold a constant promise, but they can’t keep their heart. Sometimes attachment is a helpless burden, and giving up is a wonderful relief.
The human being is not perfect, and the happiness in the world is never 100%. I know that I can’t have so much, and I don’t have the right to ask for and get so much. Otherwise, I can only suffer myself and make it difficult for each other. A heart belongs to only one person. There is no fair and unfair reason in love. The depth of love is deep and the wound is deep. If you fall in love with someone who shouldn’t love, you can only sigh forever.
Fall in love with someone who doesn’t love you, tears are the beginning of a ruin. If it is admitted that it is a blank piece of paper, the thick script has not yet begun to write, and there is already an ending. I think I know the taste of tears, even if I pay every minute, I never want to escape every second. In this awkward world, there is no permanent happiness, only instant comfort and comfort.
If you only think of love as a game, then you can’t afford it, and you can’t afford it. In your rhetoric, behind the smile, who knows that you are hiding the pains of thought-provoking. Love begins with a smile, a kiss grows, and ends with a tear, hurt, and smashed.
In the end, it still leaves traces. Force yourself to forget that feeling, but if you love it, you know that no one can control everything. Perhaps it is the best comfort. Perhaps the memory is the best ending. The smart people are the same as the fool eggs. They can’t escape the sorrow, because there are still dreams, so they are willing to cry.
In the fate of love, most of them will last forever. But some fate fates are destined to be lost, and some fates are doomed to have no good results. I can really fall in love with someone, but I can’t have him and possess him, but the fate has already given you a person, so be sure to love him, cherish him, and tolerate him.
Love, don’t give up, or really sorry for yourself, don’t walk into the spring because there is no warmth of the sun; don’t give up your due pursuit because there is no wonderful singing; don’t because there are no flowers and applause, Lose your dreams and hopes of love. What to get out of is: the pain of love, re-selection…
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