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Feelings can’t stand the plain, friendship can’t withstand the wind and rain, and the heart is quiet, in order to hear their own voices, and the heart is clear, in order to see the nature of all things. Quietly live your own life, if the heart does not move, the wind is no different. If you don’t hurt, you will be innocent. People who care about you will care about your feelings and will not make you uncomfortable; people who don’t care about you will not care about your sadness, why are you reluctant? Love is the cherish of each other, and it is also the concern of both sides; love is a weak flower, and it will be mellow with care. If you love, please cherish, don’t love, please let go, respect others and respect yourself. It is sunny to be safe with each other.

Some people use their best to cherish you, but you don’t care; there is a heart that has been waiting for you, but you have turned a blind eye. How many emotions, not being valued, so go away; how many figures, not cherished, turned into a back. Feelings, not to talk about right and wrong, only true is not true; fate, not to say long and short, only cherish. The people who put you in your heart may just be calmly guarded; always regard you as the only one, perhaps just waiting silently. People don’t always know the foot, they always think that they are at their fingertips; the heart sometimes becomes confused and can’t see the happiness behind the plain. Don’t use your own pride to hurt a precious edge, don’t let your indifference to a rare heart.

There is a kind of love, obviously love, but can’t say it; there is a kind of love, obviously want to give up, but can’t give up; there is a kind of love, knowing that it is torment, but it can’t open; there is a kind of love, knowing that there is no way, but the heart is It has long been lost. Happy hurts? Let go of her, but not let myself. Some things turn around for a lifetime. I didn’t know each other at first, but I didn’t recognize it at the end. If love is just passing by, why bother to visit here. Some love, I have to be safe, I look back, I have no power to tell. Time will always give you the answer, who is the one who really hurts you, who really cares about you; who is the one you care about, but does not care about you. Some people are not worth cherishing too much, but some love is worth cherishing.

When I face the sea, others are springing up. When I want to die with the sea, but it has already become the Dead Sea, I have a lot of memories about you, but you are paranoid that you are just a passerby. I want to be with you, even if it is a farce without a head, I will stick to the moment when the world is dimmed after you leave the market, hold a small lamp, and stand in your memory waiting for you. I just hope that I can have someone. When I say nothing, I know that I am not really okay; I can have someone, when I am smiling, I know that I am not really happy.

Because with you, everyone else will become. Some things can’t stand up again. The two most fortunate things in my life, one is that time finally exhausted my love for you, one, a long time ago, one day ago, I met you, if. All scars can heal. in case. All the sincerity can be exchanged for the true meaning. in case. All believe can be sustained. in case. All emotions are perfect. in case. Still able to meet in a certain city. Simple smile. Slight happiness. Cozy embrace. How good it is. But it’s really just if.

Some people have met, some have lost, maybe life is like this, the four seasons are circulating, and finally who will stay, accompanied by. It seems that more and more losses have begun, replacing the income. Those deep and shallow traces of those years, those memories that cannot be fixed, how to choose. Find a cold water to save the thirsty throat. Write some sad words and record some trivial life. Ten fingers hold each other to warm themselves, only to maintain the moment. Who said that knowing how to let go, your heart will be calm. I smile, is it true that I know how to fulfill. Text, SMS, phone, online news.

I started to let some people fade out of my life. I don’t believe what the world can do forever. You are not mine, I am not yours. My heart is so small, there are not many people I can meet, and there are only a few. The gentleness that remains in memory will eventually be lost to the usual happiness. Even if it is just a small light spot, we can only see it in front of us, then simply live, the difference is just the heart.

She said: “You will find someone better than me. I smile and say, “But I will not be so good again. “There is no happiness when you laugh. There is no tears when you cry. There is no promise when you believe. The fake name is because you want to tell the truth. When you insist, you let go of your hand. Let go of you.” It’s not because I don’t love you, because I love you too much time will not change the pain, time can only adapt to the pain. The other is not the others, it is the secular. 
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