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Wandering journey, light clouds

Then a kind of eagerness, full of freedom and free and easy, with indifferent bags, dreams, distant roads, sings and sings of light, laughter, the wind listens to the loneliness in loneliness, the cloud smiles like a flowery desolation, drifting The journey, the wind and the light, the sad dancers, along with the heartbeat, staged a scene to subvert the glass. In the past, the time ended with the rush of time. In the journey, the last thing that was scattered was the flowing landscape. If, life is A flowing landscape, I am on the trip, can you know the meteor is instantaneous, the moving flash, read the dry leaves, the fluttering zero, the flying arrogance?

There is a kind of forgetting, drifting in the wind in a sad country, like a flower blossoming, when I look back again, I find that the most easily forgotten, always the beautiful scenery in the youthful light years, on the road. The staged, wandering in the air, regaining the warmth, yesterday in the passage of time, always shaving every figure that has been happy, time is on the original shore of the reincarnation, hundreds of thousands of times, vividly, no one knows, What will be tomorrow? Whether it is cloudy or sunny. The window of memory, the wounds that have been carved through the years, and the beautiful journey, are still lonely and lonely, and the beautiful and mottled scenery is still passing by in the drift, a journey of mountains and rivers, and the wind is light.

The hometown of the dream, how many prosperous, sorrowful and desolate, in the drifting vicissitudes of life, the beautiful mood, become the most pure white poetry of the soul, the heart of the heart, filled with tea, fragrant, bitter sweet, drifting in the dream Looking forward to the pursuit of the distant side, always full of beauty, all the desire to carry on the journey far away, even if the road is too difficult, still do not regret, want to look forward to the gaze, realize the dream, still longing for, all Dreams become reality, but I don’t know when, dreams have already entangled the distress of the journey, urging the journey of time, getting tired and tired, standing at the ferry of time, looking farther at the end of the years, in limited life, will eventually What are you leaving? Impressed with the tiredness of emotions, in the drift, lost as time passed.

During this time, Lanzhou’s drizzle continued, the raindrops disturbed the peace of mind, and looked at the distant sky, only to notice that in the days of drifting, he was a person, but there were many people in his mind. When the plot in the story begins, it has long been remembered that it is not so clear. In the sorrowful eyes, there is a lurking intestine. I know that many people have been there in this mottled light and shadow years. My life, although leaving unreturned, can be said good bye, and finally no longer see, thanks to the acquaintance in the knowing, let the memory baptize the end of a bustling, the feelings are really the most unclear thing is people No, just blame memory, strand yourself in the same place, waiting for nostalgia, sentimentality when parting, missing can not fall in love, destined goodbye indefinitely.

The original origin, far away, the future, we will be indefinite after a while, thank you very much for the tendency to see it, maybe; it is just a good meeting, meet you, let me use my life, deeply concerned I faintly miss, because this kind of mysterious heart inspiration makes me move and sway, every time I am unforgettable, I feel a lot of emotions when I look back, fight in the sadness, boundless loneliness, sing the desolate loneliness, quiet Under the calm sky, watching the white clouds in the sky, there is only one person drifting, wandering in the years of nostalgia, panting, always unable to catch up with the pace of the journey, it turns out that I have already been doomed to the wind .

In the busy world, young things have left nothing, but what is left is the experience and maturity that others often say. What can be experienced and matured? Is it an empty color that never fades in the heart? Still sorrowful in black and white? Blindly weighed the tiredness in the corner of the ice for a long time, people can’t help themselves, the fear of scavenging transforms into broken and broken, the story of sadness is staged in the center of the mind, not to say that the kite in the line is ethereal. The sky is always swaying, no direction drifting, even if it is riddled with holes, it is still crumbling, and it is not willing to land.
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