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I, m Lily Choe!, I come from Korean, it is a great country. I was born in Seoul, a big city, very beautiful, like New York. When I was very young, I saw the United States through a program on TV. This developed country, whether it is humanity or technology, is at the top level. I fell in love with the United States from an early age. I want to live there when I grow up. Since I started doing the escort service, I don’t think this is a very low job. Instead, I learned a lot from it. Not only understand the culture of other places, but also realize that to achieve a certain level is achieved through their own efforts. Among the people who have contacted, there are bosses of enterprises, elites from all walks of life, and everyone. It has a very high quality and cultural level. If you want to integrate with them, you will start from scratch, starting from self-cultivation. Of course, this will greatly improve the level of escort service. I started fitness, yoga, and always let My own state is kept at the best. In some advanced places, I will always remind myself that I can’t do things that are of low quality, and that things should be organized, polite, and generous. This will make people look at each other. In fact, it is not difficult to integrate into the circle of others. As long as you work hard, everything is possible. If the innate conditions are not enough, you can make up for it through the day after tomorrow. It’s not as difficult as you think. Although you will encounter setbacks or be laughed at, even some people will swear words, but don’t give up. It is inevitable that you will encounter setbacks. Everyone will grow up on the road. People are ridiculed and smiling, because people who don’t pay are not aware of this kind of taste. People who are swearing, they are jealous of you, because they don’t have your perseverance and no persistence.

In short, I am very satisfied with the current situation, people must be content, and contented people are always happy. When you are desperately learning to make progress, you will find that people like you have been far beyond you. I want to thank nycescortasian for this platform. I have learned a lot of experience. I really hope to be here. Realize your dreams a little bit and bring joy to customers. After all, happiness can’t be bought.

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