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Recently, I was swiped by such a sentence on the vibrato: “Our relationship will be like this in the future. If you don’t look for me in the next days, then I will not take the initiative to find you until there is no intersection. You WeChat I will not delete, the phone will not be deleted, because after all we loved. If you send me a message, I will still return you in seconds. But there is no expectation. I will put down the phone and continue to wait. If you come, I I will still wait for you in the same place, but this time I don’t know how long it will wait, because the time limit for waiting for a person is limited, I can’t tell you where you are? Just you gave me the feeling that others can’t give.”

I want to write down this passage. The person who has worked hard to make a full effort has been looking forward to it! When I was filled with joyful expectations, I let my bottom line tear open the gap again and again. When I was expecting to become a disappointment again and again, I learned to turn around. Isn’t everyone like us like this? I think that the warmth of a moment can be long, perfect and impeccable. We all expect the story to end with a final ending, but what is the probability?

I used to be naive to think that as long as I worked hard, our story would have a good ending, but reality gave me a blow. I used to be able to pat my chest and say that we are people who care about each other for a lifetime. It is a person who can’t finish talking all the time. It is a person who is tired for a lifetime or who you are tired of relying on each other. It is a lifetime. I said that I need a shoulder. You will have people who rely on me, and we will guard each other in the same place we see each other. I can walk and walk as if I have lost a lot. I don’t know if I lost you or did you lose me? Can always be lost…

Once upon a time, we were so talkative, we always have endless words, and we can’t discuss the problems. I also believe that in the future, I have regarded your arrival as a small fortune in life. I want to show off a little bit of goodness, and I remember that you drove from another city to the city I passed by. Seeing one side of the station, only for those hours of meeting, you said that you didn’t sleep for a night, drove in the rain, and remembered that every time you retire and take the initiative, remember to talk to you twice a second. Hehe and hehe… After I saw it at that moment, I also believed that even if you were so difficult, you would not leave me or let go of my hand. At that moment, I also believed that I was different from others. I also believed that you said the sincerity of the promise, but a true heart will not be able to compete with the provocation of distance and time. Finally, our relationship is like this! You didn’t take the initiative to find me, I didn’t take the initiative to find you… I still waited for you in the same place, but you didn’t even say goodbye. I know that from the time I reply to the message, you open a gap in my life. You left the gap but there. This gap is to change the habit, give up on yourself, that is, I care for you too much…

As someone has said: in a few meters of the world, go left, go right, love and miss, one step away; in real life, trust and dog blood, love and hate, one step away. It is this step that opens the gap in my life. You are the gap that can never be filled. The tearing hole can heal when it will heal over time. repair.

“I can’t tell you where you are? Just you gave me the feeling that others can’t give.” Just like some people, like bad habits, can’t stop, can’t change. The gap you gave, just like the joy you gave, is so deep, so you can’t catch it.

After all, we have no intersection, just like you and I met with some surprises, everything goes with nature, simple and beautiful. It is our story to change from a stranger to a stranger.

As someone said: In fact, think about it, the world never lacks a good story, the ending of the story, Shizuka did not marry Daxiong, Haruko may also be responsible for opening the first love gate of Sakuragi, some people have held hands, but will not go To the end. Just like just picking up different trains, you may miss the fate, or someone who thought you could walk for a long time. As a result, you got off early, it seems to be regrettable, but life, sea, always allow someone to miss you, to catch up. The best meeting.

  Yes! The beginning of the story is so beautiful, and the end of the story is always disappointing. Just like the gap after you left, you can’t see or touch it. It used to be my fireworks. I know that this gap has been opened when I met you, but the gap that was opened when I met you was concession, tolerance, and breaking the bottom line again and again. You used my open gap to cure my melancholy, and then left a deeper gap to make me sad. The moment between depression and sadness is like the sequelae that this gap can’t heal.
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