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Three things in life, harmony is good, good-based, sincerity first. A person’s character determines his blessing, so the more he wants to be close to happiness, the more he must understand integrity and kindness, and treat others with kindness and humility.

People in this life, fame and fortune are clouds, the important thing is to have a good attitude, life is only a few decades, poor or rich, and eventually can not take away, can not stay.

So you don’t have to worry about it. You need to know the foot, the person, and the most important thing is not to let your heart get sick.

People live in two gestures, pick up, put down, lift three pounds, put down two or two light, so some things do not have to be too persistent, it is yours is yours, not your dispute is useless.

Sometimes, if you hold on, you will often be counterproductive, not arrogant, and open-minded, but your fate will favor you.

In this life, people have to make a few good friends. When they are in trouble, they can help each other. In the ordinary days, they will accompany each other and be kind to those who love you, because they will not meet again in the next life.

To have a healthy body, your health is not yours alone. You have to be old and small, and you need to take care of you, so you must learn to be kind to yourself.

I don’t have a long life, I love the person who loves it, do what I should do, don’t always think that I’m coming to Japan, I’m always waiting.

When the children grow up, wait for time to spend time with their parents, wait for the money to travel again, miss the child’s growth, miss the family, and miss a lot of beauty, ignore what is most important. of.

After a lifetime of stop and go, you have to live a fresh clothes Numa, can also withstand the flowers and dust, can go to Pinghu Qiuyue, can also walk the mountains and rivers and rains, can withstand the world’s cold and warm, can also bearish life and glory.

People in this life, there are estrangements, missed and hurt, and there are obstacles and helplessness.

There will always be happiness waiting for you. There is always warmth for you to stay. There is always someone who comes to you from the deep waters of the mountains. There is always a scene that is beautiful for you. What you have to do is take care of yourself.

People in this life, fight again, but also fight for themselves, life is a process of reconciliation with oneself.

One day, you will live to walk and do not rush to arrive, pay no rush to return, I am fortunate, lost my life, the cup is full of graceful words: spring blossoms

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