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In the morning, open a window, the warm sunshine, the bustling spring breeze, and the face. The fresh air, the fragrance of flowers and plants, is the one-year-old one year old, one year old and one year old.
The sugar given by others was sweet after a while; the shoulders of the grievances and the tears flowed away. And one day, we found that the dishes we cooked were the most fragrant, the fruits we planted were the sweetest, and it was only when we wiped away the tears that we grew up. If we turned over the mountains, we would have counted the sky, then you will know clearly that happiness needs Run by yourself, the life we ​​want, we can only give ourselves, then you may say to yourself tomorrow: “hello,tomorrow!”
We all struggle on our own roads, and instead of defeating the enemy 10,000 times, it is better to defeat ourselves once. We may not find a flower throughout the spring, or we may find the whole spring on a flower. There is never a real desperation in life, but only people who are desperate. Don’t be envious of what others have; if you work hard, time will give you. The tree releases all the fallen leaves in the fall, but as long as the spring arrives, it will still flourish. Then, as long as life is still in our hands, there is no real despair in life. What is the success or failure of the moment? For us in our life, what is it? But if you are tired, then take a break. After all, the repair of the soul is the desire of our life to never dry out. However, we have to look forward to the hope of tomorrow, whispering from the bottom of my heart: “Tomorrow, hello.”
Half of the happiness of a person’s life is to fight for it, and half is to follow. The object of struggle is not the others, but the hardships; the followers are not the ones that follow the tide, but the ones that know and stop. Everything is the best arrangement. After all, the taste of life is always sweet and bitter. Perhaps, the years are a criss-crossing giant tree, and life is nothing but a bird that flies in and out. And if that day, you have suffered from the cold and freezing rain of your life, your heart is already unbearable, then please wait a moment, wait a moment, you must also know clearly that this giant tree is also living the leeward For you to actively create a spring weather, and has begun to slowly approach you close to you. Then, as long as you work hard, everything is possible.
If this is the case, then let us not worry about how terrible the reality is. We must always believe that this is only the darkness before dawn. We should not be afraid of the difficulties before us, nor worry about the rewards at this moment. Because the sunflower can’t see the sun, it will be open, and life can’t see hope, we still have to learn to persist.
More and more yesterday, less and less tomorrow, then we may wish to give a light back to the time, giving the mind a faint warmth. Everything is dull. Sometimes people have to follow the tide, know how small they are, and although their own destiny is in my own hands, sometimes we have to believe in heavenly arrangements. After all, there must be a road to the front of the mountain, and the boat will be straight to the bridge. Life is endless, beliefs are endless, and my heart is strong.
Then, no matter how much hardship we have suffered and how much suffering we have experienced, as long as we have a seed of faith in our hearts, one day, she will help us out of the predicament and let life re-flower. But if we want to change our lives, the first thing is to change our mindset. Because “who can enrich each moment with the most profound content, who is extending their lives indefinitely.”
Ordinary is the foundation of life, and hardship is the footnote of life. However, we often feel that the years are not living, the life is hard, the taste is only the bitterness of the moment, and the confusion is only the orientation of the current life. Since the world has a good moon, a flourishing, and a sympathetic relationship, then there should be flowers and moons, red and old, and people. Then let us not let it rain silk wind, or smoke waves painting boat, it is better to light a heart lamp for yourself, open a heart window, courage to face, willing to bear, live with life, and dance with suffering, then no Is it a taste?
But perhaps, as long as you think about the flowers, you will always face the sea and spring blossoms. Let us regard every dawn as the beginning of life and every twilight as a subsection of life. “The Bodhi has no trees, and the mirror is not Taiwan. There is nothing in it, and it is dusty.” Only those who have sunshine in their hearts can feel the real sunshine. If you often suffer from your own face, how can life be beautiful? After all, life is always a mirror. If you laugh at her, she will laugh at you. It would be better to plant seeds on both sides of the road and bloom at any time. After all, all the sorrows will eventually leave us a little joy, and all the regrets will eventually leave us the perfect corner.
Hello Tomorrow.
The harder, the more fortunate. Then don’t wait for us to come tomorrow, let us go to tomorrow. And sometimes, we all like children who don’t have an umbrella, and always have to keep running. Then, instead of exploring how big the world is, it is better to think about how wide your heart can be. Perhaps the appearance of the world is just the reflection of the bottom of the heart; the beauty of the world comes from the light and compassion of the heart. Passing through troubles, but not getting lost in troubles.
Life is the choice, but no matter how you choose, as long as it is your choice, there is no right or wrong and regret. After all, in the past, you will not be satisfied with the present, and you will not be satisfied with the future. Well, since we had the courage to choose, then we should also have the courage to bear the consequences and grow up. It is also the courage to face ourselves: before the choice, there is a sincere and firm face; After the choice, there is a heart that never changes.
Then, don’t always complain about yourself, because life is a long confrontation after all, some people laugh at the beginning, and some people win at the end. Because fate does not favor anyone, it may be depending on how long you can chase and how long it will last. Because your efforts today are your fortunate foreshadowing. The present pay is the fragrance of tomorrow. In the past, the years are quiet. People can’t live by their feelings, but they must live by their mentality.
The sky, after all, is not sunny every day; Life, it’s not always the joy of the sunflower. Because it has experienced the wind and rain, it will become more brilliant when standing in the sun. Only when you taste the taste, you will feel sweet and sweet. The occasional hidden sunlight will be warmer when you come back. The hope of reappearing is even more surprising.
Happiness is the sunlight in the cracks of the trees, mottled in the corners of life. The trouble is the breeze outside the house, sneaking in from the window, we don’t have to cut trees for the sun, and we don’t have to close the window for peace. We have been moving forward in the entanglement of happiness and troubles, and then the great happiness will be precipitated as the past, and the big troubles can only be dotted into pieces. Unsuccessful, failure is not a loss, then the best is the best choice. Then, it is better to maintain an optimistic attitude, perhaps walking on the sky will be bright, love and love, she will come.
Not every flower can produce results, but each flower has its own flower season. As long as our mentality is correct, it is better to comfort ourselves and say to yourself tomorrow: “Tomorrow, hello.”

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