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what is love?

The poet said that love is a flower in front of your eyes, the openness of the wind, is a touch of pink in the spring, a glimpse of the autumn wind, a string of sputum in the summer rain, a warm sun in the winter snow.

The musician said that love is a flowering sound, a mysterious wind, a cloud-like projection. Quietly listening to the heart, the fragrance filled the blue sky, clear heart lake.

The philosopher said that love is the one who walks into your life, and you can watch the sun, the moon and the mountains together, and enjoy the life process from warm romance to plain water.

Although there is no fate in this world, the love that is loved at first sight and loved for life has a fateful power. The reason why love is beautiful, because it is the silent body of the soul, is willing to understand tolerance, is to share the wind and rain, and is the warmth of the light and beautiful. In general, the quality of love depends on the quality of the soul of the loved one.

Love, like the season of autumn harvest, can’t stop when you come. You can’t stay when you leave. When you are not ready, come, when you get used to it, go. In the flowering and falling years of this flower, every emotion is like this fickle weather, and it is unpredictable and unpredictable. Once young and young, fearless and fearless, I always want to exile that beauty. Tianya, in fact, is already far away, far away. Some emotions, like youth, will always leave you. In the youthfulness of the youth, the fruit of the green fruit will be able to survive as much as this season, and the lead will be washed away and rich and heavy.

Nothing can stop a flower, just like no one can stop a love. The meaning of life lies in the endless life. The meaning of love lies in loyalty. The hardships in life will only make the strong people stronger, and the twists and turns in love will only make the loyal heart closer. The heart is hopeful, the autumn water does not feel long; the heart has hope, the horizon does not feel far away. Whatever life or love, what we need is a wait that is not urgent.

Many people ask, the most important thing to love is to respect each other? Still sharing the same pains? In fact, the most important thing to love is not giving up. True love is never a simple “I love you”. It is the most memorable impact in the deepest part of the soul. If there is no such collision, it will not stay in the soul forever, and it will not accompany the years. The flow is long and indifferent.

The process of love is a long-term trek. In addition to spending the month before, in addition to Qingqing, I have obligations and responsibilities. Those things don’t look romantic at all, even heavy, and require you to give your life. The most authentic love letters are not written on paper, not in the mouth, but in the labor of the family in the combination. The true sense of love begins with the combination of the family. Everything in the beginning can only be regarded as the prelude to love. The thick and wonderful content is presented in the chapters of life in the future.

It is not difficult to fall in love with someone. It is difficult to love someone for the rest of your life. The nature of love is the pursuit of eternity. When two people fall in love, we must do our utmost to defend love. The survival time of a love must be a short or short period. This is the guarantee of love for the quality of love. Less than this limit, no matter how enthusiastic the two emotions are, they can only be counted as a moment of obsession, not as love.

Love can be reborn or ruined. Learn to love correctly and learn to cherish love. Because care, so care, in fact, the heart of the lover is very fragile, can not withstand repeated torture. Everyone wants to be understood, and everyone wants to be sympathetic and tolerant of your unreasonable and critical, all from the compatibility and understanding of the heart. No matter how far you go, the person who is always with you is the one who loves me. The world is so big, how difficult it is to meet someone you like, and turning around may be a goodbye!

True love is not because of the richness of matter, not because of the beauty of the face. If you love you enough, you will let go of everything. If you don’t love you, there are always reasons. Love is not love, but love must love it; there is no reason for true love, the reason is true love. To love someone is not a temporary cherish, but a treasure of the world. The so-called lover is the one who can make you love; the so-called handle is the one who stubbornly holds hands and does not let go. Accompanied by your life is a heart, a kind of distress, and a tolerance, a persistent attachment. Find someone who truly loves you and have real happiness!

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