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People, how many ups and downs this life has to experience, can understand the true meaning of life; how much suffering must bear, then it is not easy to live; how much joy to lose, know how valuable it is to cherish; how much pain and ridicule to endure, In order to live out of the self, get out of the haze.

The so-called must have lost, life will never have a perfect ending and beginning, there will always be a lack, there are regrets…

Then why must we insist on ourselves to be perfect, we must surpass his talents to be successful, must be better than others to be happy, must have more money than others or have the right to have a face…

Is that true? I don’t think that what is perfect, what is happiness, what is achievement? Who can say the clear road!

The so-called perfection is not that the thing itself is perfect, but because it is imperfectly set off to make it perfect, even if the emperor above one million people does not dare to say that there is no regret in his life, then we Why bother to make trouble for yourself; the so-called happiness is actually a feeling in the heart, it may be a book, perhaps a glass of water, perhaps a hug, or maybe a paragraph…

As long as you feel happy, it is happy, and if you feel unhappy, then it is unhappy. Real happiness is deeply hidden in the trivial things we face every day. We need to listen and perceive with a delicate heart. To cherish and tolerate; the so-called achievement, that is only a kind of self-recognition in the heart obtained after giving, just like the peasant spring sowing autumn harvest, the fruit is the achievements of the peasants, regardless of the size of the achievement, they are working hard. result.

Therefore, in the absence of life, we don’t have to blame ourselves. There is no need to go through with ourselves. Learn to pamper yourself, learn to talk with your heart, tell yourself that you are really good, give yourself a hug, encouragement and comfort.

Life is alive, and things that are unsatisfactory are as good as ninety-nine. Just like the moon is full of gloom and gloom, the sky is unpredictable. No one can predict what will happen in the next second. What will happen, we only have to daring forward and groping. Crossing the river, complaining, anger, comparison, demanding… will only make you more into the abyss and unable to extricate yourself, unable to enjoy the beauty of life, can not see the beauty of the rainbow after the rain. Only by adjusting the mindset, leveling, quieting, and indifferently facing everything around you, can’t be arrogant and rebellious, can drive away the “wind and snow” in the soul and usher in a warm one-meter sunshine.

There is no reincarnation of life. There is no reason why we should not treat our lives well and be kind to the lack of life. Since God gives us thoughts, we can’t avoid trying to taste the world, love, hate, love, hatred; sour, sweet, bitter, spicy; hi, anger, sorrow, music, are the gifts that life has given us, life is An accompaniment is a level. If life is a game, then we can only cut through each of these levels, and you can successfully clear the customs. Although the process of customs clearance will be extremely difficult, it will also make you feel bruised, but how can you understand the stimulation of this game? Sex, how can you taste the joy after customs clearance?

Everyone is a walker of life journey, no matter how wonderful or unacceptable the scenery along the way is what we have to pass, or stop, or go, or laugh, or tears, or hurt, or pain… when we look back Isn’t the footprint left behind behind it the sublimation of life? Intertwined and intertwined, just as the most beautiful songs have the most beautiful notes to match the most perfect, our life needs to be missing to be perfect, only true.

Life is not a fairy tale, we are not gods, we can let us do whatever we want.

In fact, the biggest enemy of people is not others but themselves. The troubles are not all from the pressure of life but the torture of emotions, but we can’t adapt to the days when there is no such thing, so we can only choose to face strong. Use wisdom to fill the mind, use generosity to tolerate the insufficiency, use experience to accumulate life, and save yourself while also laying down at the right time. Life is just a passing landscape, why care too much, remember too much heart will be tired, think too much heart will hurt, learn to pamper yourself, learn to be distressed when you are sad, whenever you can Open-minded, calm, calm and modest to deal with the lack of life, only then we can get inner peace, happiness and indifference, not tired of the heart, not regretted, unloading yesterday to let today happy.