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When you talk about dating, everyone will think about where to go? Which places are the girls most want to go. A good date is to allow two people to interact and heat up better. It will also leave a good dating experience for each other! Then a good date must meet three standards! 1. Safe and comfortable This is a basic condition. No matter where you go, you must be safe and comfortable first. We don’t have to go to a high-end place. But at the very least, women can have a sense of security. If one person is very vigilant in an environment, then do you think that you can have a pleasant interaction? The answer is definitely impossible! Even most women will choose to refuse to go to these insecure places to date! 2. Valuable sense of value must be the place where the environment is OK, and can satisfy the woman’s little vanity. The woman likes the feeling of being envied by others. Because the environment is OK, the woman can send it to the circle of friends to get someone else. Envy and praise, so vanity can get a satisfaction! The most important thing is that you can take pictures, and the photos you take are also valuable. In fact, for women, happiness is more about communicating with others. More is psychological! 3. Every act done by anyone interested is purposeful. Behind the purpose is either your own needs or your own hobbies! Choosing a dating item that women are interested in will actually increase a woman’s emotional experience! The same two boys are about one girl, and this girl has a good impression on both boys at the same time, so the choice of which boyfriend to choose with must be a project of their own interest!That time you need  escort service  to make yourself comfortable!

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