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Life is like a reversal of brigade. We are not brave. When we were young, we were groping for shackles and gradually matured. When we know it, we are no longer young.

Slowly knowing that walking in this world, the most important thing is to cultivate your own heart and make it stronger, so that whether the wind is falling or falling, the tide will surge, and it will not hit it.

On this road, I have been confused and persistent, but I can always see the most beautiful scenery in the mountains and turns.

If you compare life to painting, the main color must be the gold I like because it has the taste of the sun.

On the road to getting older, look at all the beautiful things that bloom on the road, remember those who give us warmth, thank you every bit, a leaf and a leaf, let the heart be filled with sunshine and rain, a willing attitude Come and live, as long as you have spring in your heart, you can bloom the most beautiful smile at any time.

In a hundred years of life, there is not much time to waste, time, always rush, too hasty, learn to cherish.

On the road to getting older, I gradually realized that the person I love is the destiny of the world. In the next life, whether you love or not, you will not see each other again. If you want to be filial and don’t want to be with you, then when you give more parents, you won’t regret it. This is a continuation of life. If you give more care, you won’t regret it. Lovers are the people they will live together for the rest of their lives. If they give more warmth, they won’t complain.

Each of us has come to this world to seek love. Only by giving love can there be a reward, because love is always mutual.

They say that happiness is like drinking water, and they know how to be happy. Some people chase happiness every day, but they never feel the existence of happiness. Some people know how to collect warmth and touch and walk happily.

Happiness is a flower, giving people in front of you, porridge and a meal, as well as a smile, to be sincere and simple, to live a simple life. In fact, happiness always exists.

Every day, I didn’t think of it. I hope that I can have a sober heart, hold a person’s hand, and smell the market. I walked all the way, watching the mountains and rivers all the way, keeping my heart safe. I don’t think about it anymore. Those who lost the alleys that year will also gently meet with me; I won’t ask, is the flower on the tree still the flower of last year?

Yi Shu said, what is the ideal life? You don’t have to eat too well, you can’t dress too well, but you must be free. You don’t feel the pressure of any work as a slave. You are not a fame and fortune. You have a like-minded partner, a lively and lovely child, you. well prepared.

A few days have been very boring, and I, just silently, the vagina is unusual, those who are reluctant, one day will become indifferent because of the impermanence of the years, thank you for your time, let me know, cherish all Time, old road, sight, bearish, everything goes well.