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People are so simple for a lifetime, why do we have to work hard to try our best to take possession of things that should not belong to you? Money, power, and reputation are not the most important. The most important thing is how to be kind to yourself. Even if you have the world, you will disappear when you die. If we think so, we will not add any unnecessary troubles to ourselves.

People have been so simple for a lifetime, we all thought that there are many things that can’t be let go. “I will never let go of it.” In fact, there is nothing in this world that can’t let go. As time goes by, when you look back, you will find that what you thought you could not let go is just a springboard in your life. All the sorrows, pains, and things that can’t be given up are just transitions in life. When you skip, your life can be more exciting.

People in this life, lost love, frustration, and even divorce, and even the suffering we have suffered in love, is just a springboard, it will make you mature. When people are on the springboard, the hardest part is not the moment they jump, but before they jump, the struggle, hesitation, helplessness and suffering of their hearts are impossible to talk to others. We thought we couldn’t jump, closed our eyes, and brave our courage, but we all jumped over.

People are so simple for a lifetime, happy to have a day, unhappy and a day. Why are you still trying to force yourself to be unhappy? Yes, people are such a lifetime, no matter how they can not come back for a lifetime; broken heart is hard to heal for a lifetime. After this life, there will be no other life in this life, no one will be repeated for a lifetime. Why don’t we cherish our eyes so badly, why do we have to blame ourselves and go to painful remorse?

I want to wear it, people are in this life, we can face it calmly, positively grasp, when you can’t see it, when you are proud of the spring, when you are indignant, when you are in deep pain, please think about yourself Life, no matter what, you are fortunate to have this life… people are alive, this short life, no past life. So let people start from a smile! It is most important to have a happy life. Let me cherish, treat, and grasp my life! Grateful and cherish everyone around you. Time flies, life is short, please treasure, and live a good life!

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