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Life is normal, life is weak, and people’s life is a life that is not brought about by life. It is born in the laughter of their loved ones, and they leave in the sorrow of their loved ones, unable to control their own life and death. When most people are old, they can realize healthy and longevity. It is more important than glory. Let us start from a smile, change ourselves, live forever, be happy, have a healthy body, and do what you like in a happy state. The thing is the greatest happiness in life. It is hard for people to be a life, it is harder for people, it is harder for people to do, it is harder to be a person, tears can not help but also endure, suffering, swallowing, swallowing, wrong, can not let go I have to let go, take the burden to go to life, the lost, the sly sly, the people, sometimes forced out, the world is cool, the play continues, the play can not afford to go out, the heart is unpredictable, knowing people know It’s hard to know the heart, it’s hard to hold your heart, and you can’t help yourself. Maybe it’s a response to the impermanence of the world, and the insincere rhythm rises. It may be strong and strong. People have many times, they are pretending to be strong and not poisonous. Invade The heart is often defeated by a simple comfort. The camouflage that is invulnerable is often surrendered in front of you. Sometimes, a silent embrace is a message to a fragile heart, even if it is silently accompanied, in a lonely In front of the people, there are thousands of words. In fact, what everyone wants is nothing more than a heart of understanding and a true companion.

People’s life, I hope that I have a happy home, every day is a happy person, but in life, not everything is satisfactory, but what is good to see, troubles, grief, grace and resentment will be decades later With the loss of life, some fate is lost, but the emotion is difficult to accept. Although some injuries are invisible, the heart is very painful. If you get used to the habit of not being used to it, it is unbearable. If you care about what you should care about, then Just practice, don’t be soft to those who disregard you, don’t ask poor people who don’t hurt you, the torch is down, the flame is still up, the fault is gone, the dignity must still exist, don’t bow, the crown will fall, don’t cry, Others will laugh, don’t be wishful thinking, don’t get it, don’t get it, do it yourself, you can do it, people will live freely and freely, there will be entanglement, the road will go smoothly, there will be bumps, and the fate will be indifferent. There will be disappointment, people will live forever, it is impossible to do everything, and it is impossible to gather and sorrow and joy. It is impossible for anyone to stay with us. We are ordinary, and we should have the plainness of rice and oil, which is a laity, and we must taste the bitterness and sweetness. There is nothing to do, at least there are parents who love you, hard work and hard work, at least there are family smiles, so-called happiness, physical health, confidant two or three feet, live well, people are healthy enough.

In a person’s life, there is nothing that can’t let go. As time goes by, when you look back, you will find that what you thought you could not let go, just a springboard of life, all the sorrow, pain, all can not give up The thing is nothing but a transition in life, a love affair, a frustration, and even a divorce, so that the suffering we suffer in love is just a springboard, but it can make you grow, sincere, is a human nature, kindness, A person’s nature, no matter who meets anyone, sincerely can enter into the heart, no matter what happens, goodness will never expire, beautiful appearance may impress others, but sincere heart can touch others, strong tone may make People take it orally, but the kind actions are more convincing, not artificial, not perfunctory, not sophisticated, just a person’s true, understanding, tolerance, understanding, concession, is a person’s good, not losing the root, not forgetting the original intention A person can walk calmly, stand firm, and have a clean heart. No matter the appearance, no matter how good it is, the heart is the most beautiful. It is divided into the rich and the poor, regardless of the level of high and low, the kindness of the heart is the most expensive, in the world, but not by the secular world, laughing on the face, laughing will not have another life of today, one minute Seconds will not look back for a lifetime, why not cherish the eyes, why do you have to blame yourself for self-satisfaction, painful remorse, the past will not come, lost efforts.

As long as you don’t lose your confidence in life, your pursuit of ideals, what you want to do, and what you want to love, you can do it. If you struggle, you should work hard and you can be calm. Look at the gains and losses, no matter what kind of feelings, people who want to leave, you can’t stay, wait for concern, wait until you close your heart, look forward to possession, look forward to not looking back, life is so short, why let people who don’t care about you affect the mood People are so expensive, why do you want to cherish your feelings with people who don’t know how to cherish, don’t waste your time for those who don’t want to spend time on you, let alone those who mistakenly think that you can’t let go, You can’t let go of you. If you use lies to verify your promises, you must be deceiving. Don’t do things that are not worthwhile for those who don’t deserve it. You would rather be arrogant and moldy, and don’t make a fuss. You can take advantage of it and you can change it. You, people, sometimes can’t be too kind, honest people are always bullying, some people are always bullying and hard, can be stupid, but don’t think that I am stupid, can accept the guidance, but do not give pointers, do not care about people It is respect, but don’t get in the way, you will give in to things, it is generous, but don’t be unscrupulous, love is eternal, love is mutual, people are equal, and each respects.

People’s life, don’t go too demanding, don’t have too much extravagant hope, since fate doesn’t favor me, don’t let me stand out, don’t let me excel, why bother to force it, money, power, reputation is not the most The most important thing is to be kind to yourself. Even if you have the whole world, you will eventually disappear. Don’t take my tolerance as a connivance. Don’t even regard my bottom line as infinite. Good temper does not mean no temper, but it is not easy to send. Temper, tolerate that you can afford to see you, don’t challenge my patience, have a good word, don’t lick your nose, I can also have no grace, some forgiveness seems easy, and it is not so easy to trust again. Some feelings are unforgettable, not yours, and the same can not continue. In fact, when you care about one person, you are given the right to hurt you, let time tell the truth, although I am afraid, love is very selfish, because I care about it before I go to be willful, love is very selfless, because I feel conscience, and then make concessions. Repeatedly forgive, care about deep enough, often the most likely to hurt you, always let you bully, often the most love you, not the people who love each other do not quarrel, perhaps through the emotions to vent their words in the heart, not all Feelings are perfect, and because there are many shortcomings, they change for love, accept for love, and cherish the people in front of you. It’s not who and who are born with destiny. In fact, happiness is nothing more than you are in trouble, he is Laugh, you are frustrated, he will not be better.

People’s life, happy is also a day, unhappy is also a day, why do you want to force yourself to be unhappy? Yes, people are such a lifetime, do wrong things can not come back for a lifetime, after today, there will be no more A lifetime of life, one minute and one second will not go back to the whole life, why do we not cherish the eyes, why do we have to blame ourselves for self-satisfaction, painful remorse, people are busy all the time, tired, rushing, no matter how much Hardships, things, or not finished, people have been saving for a lifetime, squatting, saving, no matter how much, money, or not enough, people have been forbearing forever, let, fear, no matter how careful, People still have a lot of offenses. We, all of us, are reading, writing, and feeling that no matter how clever, losing, or not eating, people are awakened for the rest of their lives, mature, growing up, no matter how calm, regret, There is still this is a true life portrayal, this is greedy humanity straightforward, look back, how many friends in the heart of the money, how many real feelings, in addition to the old face, growing age, The heart is full of sadness, and you really belong to yourself. Only by reading the meaning of life can you live a relaxed, comfortable, happy heart, and if you are really true to others, you will exchange a few cents and use your feelings. Will gain a lot of eternal, pure eyes, in order to see the beautiful scenery, the soul is clean, in order to have pure feelings, a person’s heart, is a person’s world, a person’s everything, involving a person’s life.

A person’s life can be faced with a light face, or you can actively grasp it. When you can’t see it, when you are proud of it, when you are angry, when you are in deep pain, think about it, no matter what, you are always lucky to have it. In this life, there is a thick and light, written in the scattered, deep and shallow, painted far and near, some people, walked away, do not know how to cherish why, some love, everywhere is weak, always ignored, why not, Song Can be played in a loop, but the feelings can not be regenerated. Not all things can be ignored. Not all people can forgive forever. It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t make everything back to the original point. I am wrong and can’t delete the crime. The next mistake, the feelings, how many heartaches there are many sadness, how much care is there how much helpless, the road of life, piecemeal, piece fragments, those encounters, those who wave, just one of them, some love, If you break a piece, you won’t renew it. So, and you will cherish it, and love and rejoice. Some people will miss it if they miss it. Happy is also a day. Unhappy is also a day. Why do you want it? Forcing yourself to be unhappy, people are such a lifetime, good times are not always there, good flowers are not long, life is short, good to cherish it, be kind to it, grasp it, cherish everyone around you, cherish yourself, cherish others, Understand yourself, understand others, live a normal life, and have a weak life.