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During a mountaineering, I saw a pair of white-haired old people helping each other and stepping on the steep stone steps. I was thinking, how old is it, how come I climbed such a steep mountain, some curious I went up and asked, I said: Grandpa, you and the grandmother climbed so high in the mountains, he smiled and said, “No more than you young, physical strength is not enough,” I asked again, then how do you still climb so Steep mountain? He said to me in a harmonious tone. “When we were young, we often climbed the mountain. This habit has never changed. Now my legs and feet are not sloppy, but I can still move. Before I lay down on the bed, I climbed this mountain with my wife. One, to exercise, the second is that we can’t change the habit of climbing together. We are old, we can’t say that we will enter the loess on that day. It is a time to climb once more. The ladder went step by step.

When I was up the mountain, I was thinking about it. What a touching scene, is this the “hand of the child, and the old man.” There is also a positive attitude towards life from the simple words of the old grandfather. The coveted year still insists on the common fun of two people for many years. This is how touching! Unfortunately, no more human body will come to the philosophy behind these real pictures in life, many young people like me, an ideal is a three-minute heat, never insisted on insisting on one thing, a relationship It’s just a short-term passion. I never used my heart to cultivate the tacit understanding of two people for a lifetime. In the end, I wasted a lot of beautiful time. Always looking for the road of life, perhaps the boulevard exists in these subtle pictures of life, but we have never experienced it before. I think that here, I suddenly feel that those fatigues have been thrown into the clouds, and the footsteps are also lighter, step by step to the top of the mountain. Going away.

Another time, I went to learn to swim. A father is teaching a child to swim. He gently tied the swimming ring to the child, then placed him on the water, a movement and a movement, from his focused eyes. You can see the sincere love, what a touching scene! I am thinking, when we were learning a little thing when we were young, did our parents teach us this way? I think it should be, but the memory at that time was rather vague. Through this scene, I vaguely saw the process of growing up as a child. And the unselfish love of parents is really a touching scene.

Once I watched a movie, the male protagonist became famous, and then said something to his beloved girl. “Your smile can bring me good luck. It is my greatest luck to meet you.” A very touching scene, It is worthy of a taste, life is really the luckiest thing to meet a pair of talents.

In fact, there are moving things happening all the time. When we see a stranger’s selfless help to a stranger, will it feel very touching? When we saw a couple smiling and walking to the marriage hall, would we feel very touched? When we saw a pair of parents holding their children in the park, would they be moved by their happiness? Intention to discover life, in fact, there is a beautiful existence everywhere, a beautiful picture, a warm words, a beautiful memory… When these beautiful things are gathered in our hearts, we can dress our lives beautifully. When you get up, your life will be full of emotions, and you will be able to form beautiful memories. When we are also coveted, when we see certain scenes, we can also awaken our memories of youth. Just as we see the present scene and think of our childhood, these reflections are the philosophy of life, if you can Observing the movements that exist in life will reflect our past. In the future, the truth of life will not be late, and the mistakes concerning the Lord of life will be reduced.

Discovering the beautiful picture in life is to discover the touch, and the moving can bring us positive positive energy. When we see the sun setting, there will be no sadness of “the broken heart in the world”, but we will think and pass Have a nice day. When we see the lonely smoke in the desert, we will not sigh the desolateness of life, but will think, what a spectacular scene! When we see the spring flower curtain call, we will not sigh that the spring is so short, but will want to get results soon! Being active is an attitude of life and an attitude that determines the color of life. This attitude comes from insight into beauty !