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Women don’t necessarily look beautiful,

But be sure to live beautifully.

I have written an article “Single, a girl’s best state”.

With the deepening of understanding, this article will be supplemented.

I really admire a woman like this in my circle of friends. In her impression, she is not the most beautiful, but she is the most beautiful.

She likes to dress herself up, whether she is always on the face and always has a faint and delicate makeup, she always buys clothes, she does not focus on the season’s popularity or take a mix and match, but choose only the right clothes; her economy Independent, there is a fairly good job, she is still a big dreamer, she claims that she is a properly slash youth, from graduation to now she has bought a house for herself with her own hands; she loves to be clear, Even the breakup was straightforward. When she found out that her boyfriend was lame, she didn’t cry, but she swayed and decisively turned away, but the rupture of a relationship did not shake her thoughts of still loving and expecting love; It is a backpacker who will arrange time. When I am busy, I don’t forget to go home to see it. I just came back from Hainan with my parents. The bright smile on a photo perfectly explains happiness. She often hangs a word on her lips: “If you have wine, you can drink it. If you have a dream, you can do it. If you want to have so many things, you will have the best in the moment.”

Such a woman undoubtedly lived the best look of a woman. She has always been a very self-disciplined person. Every morning, the first thing after getting up is to clean himself up. There is a gap between women’s make-up and no make-up. The decent makeup is pleasant to themselves, so that the face is always full of self-confidence and charm. At the same time, “female is for the sake of self-satisfaction”, taking the time to give yourself a professional light makeup can not only attract potential Those who are pleasing to the self are also respectful to the people around them.


She has something to do

A woman’s best state, with a heart and mind, has the ability to support oneself. “The good-looking skin is the same. The interesting soul is one of the best.” Compared with the East Parents’ Western family, they are more inclined to take more time to read than in the gossip news. Enhance your cultural literacy and enrich your spiritual world.

“A woman should still rely on a man. What a woman should do, living at home, getting married and having a child is the right way.” Wrong, what women need most is a state, an independent state, whether it is spiritual or economic. The greatest excitement of women is the realization of three self-independences: economic independence, independent thinking and independent personality.

Women should have a job they love, and learn to improve their ability to survive and enrich their life experience. As one’s eyes continue to expand, your three views will change quietly. If you don’t have money, you can only rely on other people’s lives and look at other people’s faces. Only Nono can’t do what you want to do. So the young girls told themselves “Who said that women are not as good as men, and they are as decent as you and me.”

This is not a strong desire to control, but a strong target. Just as a person with sufficient power in the material world often does not look for a job, this is the same reason.

A certain degree of economic security can provide you with a sense of security. No matter whether your future life will change, this self-sufficiency of security can at least let you get rid of the dislocation and loss after social dissociation. It can let you meet The state of mind is calm and the situation is not shocked.

In this world, everything has changed too much. “The most reliable way to live by eating mountains and mountains will fall down” is to rely on yourself. There is a saying that “do it yourself, get enough food and drink”

Let yourself be busy, have something to do all day long, and let yourself not look leisurely. You will not spend all your time on the suspicion that the other person loves you or not. The message is sent to the other party. Will you forget it? How do you have hair on your clothes? It’s not a box to wait for a business trip. When you are busy doing your own thing, you can’t wait to complain about it.

A woman with a strong inner strength will definitely invest a lot of energy and time in her own career, instead of putting the focus of life on the man. The powerful woman is the leader of the woman. The real mature woman has a story in her heart, and there is light in her eyes. The rich life experience makes them feel the charm of self-confidence. The time is gone, the face is easy to be old, but that Calm and calm is the precipitation that time can’t take away. They are never stupid and sweet, and they won’t make themselves become cute.

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