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Friend- to all my friends and my customers!

Friends are the spring wind, let the dead wood emit green buds; friends are the summer rain, nourishing dry heart; friends autumn fruit, the process of abundance of life, friends are the warm sun of winter, warm heart cold. Friends don’t need to be in touch all the time, every day. Friends are the people who share with you when you are happy, and those who give you comfort when you are sad; friends are when you are in the bottom of life, with people around you to encourage you, friends are when you stand in life The peak of the show, do not flatter you, but also always remind you that there are people who have a rise and fall in the tide. A friend is when you need it, the TA will immediately appear next to you, and the wind and rain will accompany you, not asking for a return, not paying attention to gains and losses, not to mention politeness, even when your emotions are out of control, you can swear and not The person you care about.

Everyone’s life can’t be lack of friends. There is a saying that “multiple friends have multiple roads”. If there are more friends, the road will be wider, the road at the foot will be wider, the world will be bigger, and the sky will be high. The sea is full of fish, and more often it is the help of a friend. On the road of life, the wind and rain, the others only pay attention to the end of your arrival, only friends will care about your tiredness, not suffering. A friend, who is stopping on the road to wipe the sweat for you, a friend, is the one who is willing to support you in the storm. Because I know each other, I am blunt, because I understand, so I don’t care. If you don’t want to be beautiful, you can listen to it, but at a critical time, it will give you a gift in the snow, letting you feel the warmth of the world when it is cold. When you use cold water to wake you up, you won’t let your arrogance, you will find a way to make you awake, whether you will be angry, because you will understand sooner or later, it is not wanting you to hit the south wall, do not want you Injured.

Making a good friend will benefit you. A friend is a stream of small rivers, infiltrating himself into the land, allowing trees to thrive; friends are warm sun in winter, emitting light and heat, retreating from the frozen land; friends are sweet wines, rich in fragrance, can be Drinking is not letting you drunk. Friends are elegant flowers, fragrant and beautiful, is a beautiful landscape in life. If a friend is like a song, when you are happy and disappointed, you can take different tunes and let the emotions in your heart be released. If you are a friend, you can broaden your horizons and enjoy your body and mind.

Gold has value, love is priceless, whether it is a lover or a friend, true love is precious. A friend is someone who always puts you in the bottom of my heart. Whether you are in heaven or in hell, care and concern remain the same. A simple “Hey, how are you doing now” is the most intimate warmth. The phrase “Nothing, there is me”, the tears that will always be touched, the phrase “I will say, you can do” is the greatest affirmation of yourself. Real friends, not how much wine you have been drinking together, how many cups you have touched, but the one that stretches out to you when you need it. Giving a high-quality friend will be an inexhaustible asset for a lifetime. When you are a three-person trip, you must have a teacher. A friend is not a book, but you can learn more useful knowledge than a book, improve your connotation, enrich your thoughts, and wash your soul. Let the branches of your body grow and be pruned in time so that you can stand taller and more in the world.

Don’t ask too much for your friends. Everyone’s strength is strong and weak. When you need money, it is not the number of people who take out the money, but to see who will sneak out for you, worth millions, take out half, that is the buddy; worth 100,000, give you 80,000 That is loyalty; worth 10,000, give you 10,000, and give you a million, that is a true friend, your confidant, is the one who goes through the fire for you. You can have a few loyal buddies in your life, but your friends who are confidant may have only one or two. If you encounter it, please cherish it. It is not easy to meet such a friend in your life. It is your blessing.

My friend, two trees in the same blue sky, together with the sun, face the wind and rain, and receive the gift of the season together. It looks like two trees facing each other, and the underground roots are entwined. , silently encourage and comfort each other. In the storm, my friend’s eyes cast a look of concern, and my heart silently remembers your warmth. Friendship is a vine that connects the heart and heart. You are connected to me. I am connected to you. The ups and downs make the vines of friendship stronger and firmer. A friend’s feelings are a line, always when you need it most, you can reach out and pull you. “Friends go together for a lifetime.

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