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For some things, you need to blink one eye and close one eye. This is wisdom; but for some things, you can’t lick one and close one eye. This is the principle.

Meeting is a matter of two people, but separation is a person’s resolution; meeting is a beginning, but it is to meet the next separation. This is a world that is prevailing, but we are not good at saying goodbye.
  —Milan Kundera

Everyone else is paying attention to when you fly high and fast, and only he is concerned that you are tired and tired, this is a friend. Others pay attention to your money, less money, less official hours, only she is concerned that you are fat and thin, that is the mother.
———The Dancer in the Dark

The boy liked the girl, he confessed to her, the girl refused, she said: I am one year older than you. The boy said: I am 13 months old when I am a month old. You are thirteen times mys. I am four months old when you are two months old. You are seven times my own. When I was one year old, you were two years old and you were twice as big as me. As long as you are willing to be with me forever, we are always getting closer.
———Beautiful love words

I asked the Buddha: If you meet someone you can love, but you are afraid that you can’t grasp what to do? Buddhism: How much love is left in the world, and the world is changing; and there are lovers, doing happy things, don’t ask if it is robbery.
——— Suffering from loss, even the happiness in front of you will be lost

Any environment or person, when you first meet to see the pain of breaking up, you must fall in love with him.
———Huang Yongyu, “Along the Seine to the Cui Cui”

To get the love of others, you must first love yourself. Because a beautiful woman is like a gem, but it takes a few days to red, and the years are not forgiving. And a woman with wisdom is like a treasure, and a man is willing to dig for a lifetime.
———Ma Yun said women

Life is the kitchen; income is the mall; the bonus is cosmetic; the property is not; the grade is the boss; the body is the man; only the freckles and wrinkles are their own.
———The sorrow of a woman

People who have been dissatisfied with hair style have one thing in common: they refuse to admit that this is a problem with the face.
———The person who lives in self-deception

There are two ways to inspire, one is to see others succeed, the other is to see others fail.
———This is “inspirational”

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He is a tear in your past life. In this life, no matter who decorates your dream, his dream is only the only embellishment of you; no matter who you call, your name is the only obsession in his heart. not regret.


In the world, perhaps you are a cinnabar that is branded in his heart, but in the end it becomes a flower that makes him unreachable. I don’t know if it is the interlacing of time, or the cause and effect of reincarnation, there is kind of love, and the distance that you will always turn away from you. Once you start, it will never end. You come, lost his dreams; you go, fat his acacia.

Love is a very mysterious thing. It is unclear, the road is unknown, the cut is constant, and it is still chaotic. In the world, there is a kind of love that knows that there is no result, but still sticks to the original place, and does not leave, even if you can’t hold your slightest temperature, he still chooses to wait for you silently. Along the way, his heart is only for you, his mountain city is only for you, his day is only for you, his night is only for you. Even if he loves you and stays in the desert island, he will still look at you with the most affectionate look.

Since the day I fell in love with you, I missed the addiction he couldn’t stop. Your smile, every glimpse, all touched his heart, a hundred thousand thoughts, he only read a glimpse; thousands of red face, he only loves one person. He is willing to wander in your life for a lifetime, willing to be a horse for you, the horse is the leader, even if you never give him a promise, even if you never give him half a love, he still has no regrets.

As Zhang Ailing said, “waiting for the rain is the fate of Umbrella I.” When you are deeply rooted in his heart, no power can remove you from his heart. Whether you are the roller blind person around him, whether you are a sleeper in his account, his gaze will always be drawn by you. In his love story, you must be an irreplaceable protagonist. Since then, In his waiting, in the wish, in the blessing, in the care, there will be you. He can quit everything, but he can’t stop you.

Just because I saw you more in the crowd, he never went far. He is not close to disturbing. He is afraid that he will disturb your pace of life. He does not easily say love to you. He is afraid that it is an offense, a kind of awkwardness, a kind of injury; he does not easily change his mobile number. I am afraid that you are worried about finding him. Because of love, he can be low to dust for you, you can give up the sun and moon mountains and rivers for you, you can wander for the horizon. He doesn’t care if there is spring in his four seasons, because only you are his human being in April; he doesn’t care if he lives in the day or night, because only you can illuminate his world.

In fact, he is afraid of loneliness, but because he will let himself fall into deep loneliness; in fact, he is afraid of loneliness, but he will let him follow the loneliness because you will let yourself. How hopeful he is, you can understand his silence, understand that he is silent, understand his words and stop. Sometimes you can’t see him because he is hiding behind you; sometimes you can’t hear him because he secretly disguised himself with silence. Even if he is far from your mountains, as long as you call him, he will be able to arrive quickly; even if he has everything to do, as long as you wave to him, he will certainly turn his back.

You make him sad, he will laugh and say no; you hurt him, he will find reasons to forgive. If you laugh, maybe he will smile more brilliantly than you; if you shed tears, maybe he will be more sad than you. Because of you, he will fall in love with the city where you live. The place where you live is the fascination of his dreams. The distance keeps his love; the time, the light does not fade his thoughts. For the reincarnation of the season, he always believes that this life is only for you, even if he is missing this life, he will still make an appointment for the next life.

Walking in the South, he will be eager to shake you and travel through the rainy and rainy towns of Jiangnan. When he is in the North, he will look forward to sharing snow with you and going through the snow curtains to the fairy tale of dreams. His footsteps drift with you, and his heart beats with you. Inexplicable, seeing a figure similar to yours, and hearing a voice similar to yours, he will be excited for a long time. Whenever and wherever he is, he is quietly loving you in another way that is not known to you.

Xu Zhimo said: “At least once in a lifetime, I forgot myself for someone, I don’t ask for results, I don’t ask for a walk, I don’t want to have it, I don’t even want you to love me, I just want to be in my most beautiful years. To you.” He is like this. I met you in this life. He thinks it is his happiness, even though this happiness is mixed with thousands of pains.

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Someone once said that the white head will not be separated. However, after all, a bit of empty talk, in a blink of an eye, will be thrown on the other side. However, I have always believed. Then, along the way of chasing, the thorns are full, but they have never bowed

It turns out that some waiting is not worthwhile. So what I have exchanged for many years is the sacred sea. We are only a drop in the ocean. We can’t control the miracles and sufferings of fate. If we face a little, we may only have to wait, but waiting is necessary. Courage, but also have the courage to bear the results that are very different from the results that are waiting.

Thoughts and sorrows, the sadness of the ancients, the world’s various kinds, the shackles of the levees, the three mountains and five sacred mountains, the reputation of the heavens and the earth, the Changji of the water, the tenderness of the sorrows, can not help but feel full of leisure.

Life is full of love, this hate does not close the wind and the moon. Who is really in love? Who is crazy about who is crazy? Who is looking for someone to wear autumn water? Who is it for everyone? They are all white lines that you and I can’t solve. There is no reason for life, and you can be tired of this life.

Acacia has become a kind of self-consolation in the lives of many people. When you are in the moon, you can’t miss them. When you are missing from the moon, you will be infinitely sorrowful, and you will miss all the joys and sorrows associated with love in the years. In the world of emotions, we have been carrying all the shackles, regardless of the wind and rain, regardless of the wind and the sun.

Dyeing the window. It’s a windy path that doesn’t seem to be full. The rest of the time is staying in China, and the season is red and empty. The eyebrows are drunk, the red makeup is light, and the old ones are attached to the dust. Only the moon is long, and the Qiankun turns, so the country is mountain. The second time, the suspect is the yangko back.

In life; there are always too many regrets to be left to memories, years old; unremarkable mottled, always outlines countless broken heartaches. Too much persistence can’t be put down, just; that unyielding pain, but unexpectedly is the most beautiful accident. The text can still be sleek and simple, and the age cannot be a beautiful dream. Happiness is not a luxury that cannot be extravagant, sad, but often a decadent decadence.

After the journey of life, after experiencing countless stops, there will always be strange or familiar scenery. The passengers mentioned in time are only the people and things that are destined to go. Not many are deliberately to remember or forget. Spreading in black and white, nothing more than sadness has passed through the darkness, in the corner of memory, telling all the things to be continued. The coolness that stops at the fingertips is the smash that once bloomed in the years.

The inter-finished years, rendering the innocent mottled colorful plastic, the sad city is still brushing the ink, drawing the four seasons wind blowing no trace. The smile concealed the lonely tears because, in the years of the mother-in-law, listening to the acquaintance of no one. Those who have been in the past are dreams that linger in the depths of sorrow, full of heart and sigh. It’s just like a year of water, a breeze, and an old dream.

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At night, after a day of silence, it was quiet, accompanied by the faint light of the distant streetlights. The wind swept the whole wilderness without warning, and the thoughts of people were moving. The star, hanging in the sky, flashes its subtle starlight, not as bright as the sun, but as crazy as a flower.


I want to change my intoxication and change my heart. How much despair and sorrow is filled with this chaotic world. You want to be a brave man, fighting for love, for faith, and vigorously. You are filled with unparalleled aura and light. You have the talent and fame that compares with great men. You are such a proud and lonely man. Your inch of madness has not said that it has been raining for a few times.

I used to think that people who love each other must be in harmony. Only when they are in harmony, can emotions last for a long time. However, this shore and the other shore are only the gaps in space, but they cannot extend the distance of the soul.

Time flies, the years are silent. The days are not slow, such as the creek water flowing quietly, and only the time flowing from the side, the precipitation is the happiness and happiness accompanied by you all the way, warm and warm. For me, I feel the poetic autumn in this withering. I just want to do one thing, lick a red maple leaf and gently engrave my heart. To faith is the theme that I will never change in my life! Then, happy to send to the city with you. From then on, in my heart, in my life, gently hold your warmth, quietly on the other side of the years, waiting for you forever!

A period of love, repeated squats, and finally deepened the length of the years. All the way to catch up, all the way back, what was finally obtained, and what was lost in the end. Perhaps, only when we are thinking, we will understand that in the remembrance of this path, we are often less happy than pain. When Acacia became a singer, nothing was caught except for the lament of the moon.

Always attached to the simple style of life, I only want to use a light heart to see the clouds and clouds, watching the seasons change. Many things that are out of season will inevitably be left behind by time, just like the luxuriant autumn leaves, when life is exhausted, and the phase will be separated from the veins. And I, always here, shivering and tired, standing in the monsoon with a tree posture, heading toward the boundless warm blue sky.

As night fell, the spring rain softly kissed the gauze curtains, and the rhythm of the curtains on the window, adding even more infinite ideas. In my mind, in happiness and gloom, the sorrowful heart is turned into a water-like gentleness in the deep rainy night. At this moment, the rain outside the window is no longer the cold autumn rain. In my beggar, it is a kind of soft, like a girl who is a beautiful girl. It is pity, love, softness, and it is a kind of jealousy in my heart. With a beautiful future, I will embrace you in the rainy season, let the love and anger be placed under the oil paper umbrella, the bluestone side, the lilac alley, such a time, such a moment, the heart inadvertently I am drunk, drunk, and drunk in this autumn rain like a graceful light dance.

The sunset sky breaks the moon, and it still shows the way home. The long-running style of writing has been filled with tiredness, accompanied by withered cockroaches, meeting the mottled shadows of the years, splashing a few squats in the heart. The sighs sighed, let the years hold the hand of the pen, listen to the flowing water; the wave is in the heart of the sea, call the name; the mother-in-law, outlines who is mottled, only loves drunk glaze, and is a sleepless night .

The true love is that people are thousands of miles away, but dreams are dependent; true love is the years, but they never leave; the true love is to pay each other, but no regrets.

The cherry blossoms have single cherry blossoms and double cherry blossoms. When they bloom, they are full of trees, and the fragrance is fragrant. The single cherry blossoms are like snow, and the double cherry blossoms are like fire. But whether it is single cherry or double cherry, they are not in full bloom for a long time, more than 20 days of scenery, open and colorful, full of trees, falling stars, hurried.

The autumn is still far away, the wind is blowing, but there is also a bit of sorrow. In spring, not only the flowers flying all over the sky, but also the fragrance of flowers scattered everywhere. As the autumn rhyme gradually became richer, the flowers in the yard were in full bloom, and the whole yard was full of aroma and overflowing with the sweet smell. The golden flowers are a string, a glimpse, and the overlapping layers are immersed in the dense green leaves. The warm and warm image is like a child’s smiling face, as if it is a bright spring for this warm spring. Scenery.

The fingertips touched the glass window, and the squeaking sound stunned the fragile heart. The sorrow

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People, how many ups and downs this life has to experience, can understand the true meaning of life; how much suffering must bear, then it is not easy to live; how much joy to lose, know how valuable it is to cherish; how much pain and ridicule to endure, In order to live out of the self, get out of the haze.

The so-called must have lost, life will never have a perfect ending and beginning, there will always be a lack, there are regrets…

Then why must we insist on ourselves to be perfect, we must surpass his talents to be successful, must be better than others to be happy, must have more money than others or have the right to have a face…

Is that true? I don’t think that what is perfect, what is happiness, what is achievement? Who can say the clear road!

The so-called perfection is not that the thing itself is perfect, but because it is imperfectly set off to make it perfect, even if the emperor above one million people does not dare to say that there is no regret in his life, then we Why bother to make trouble for yourself; the so-called happiness is actually a feeling in the heart, it may be a book, perhaps a glass of water, perhaps a hug, or maybe a paragraph…

As long as you feel happy, it is happy, and if you feel unhappy, then it is unhappy. Real happiness is deeply hidden in the trivial things we face every day. We need to listen and perceive with a delicate heart. To cherish and tolerate; the so-called achievement, that is only a kind of self-recognition in the heart obtained after giving, just like the peasant spring sowing autumn harvest, the fruit is the achievements of the peasants, regardless of the size of the achievement, they are working hard. result.

Therefore, in the absence of life, we don’t have to blame ourselves. There is no need to go through with ourselves. Learn to pamper yourself, learn to talk with your heart, tell yourself that you are really good, give yourself a hug, encouragement and comfort.

Life is alive, and things that are unsatisfactory are as good as ninety-nine. Just like the moon is full of gloom and gloom, the sky is unpredictable. No one can predict what will happen in the next second. What will happen, we only have to daring forward and groping. Crossing the river, complaining, anger, comparison, demanding… will only make you more into the abyss and unable to extricate yourself, unable to enjoy the beauty of life, can not see the beauty of the rainbow after the rain. Only by adjusting the mindset, leveling, quieting, and indifferently facing everything around you, can’t be arrogant and rebellious, can drive away the “wind and snow” in the soul and usher in a warm one-meter sunshine.

There is no reincarnation of life. There is no reason why we should not treat our lives well and be kind to the lack of life. Since God gives us thoughts, we can’t avoid trying to taste the world, love, hate, love, hatred; sour, sweet, bitter, spicy; hi, anger, sorrow, music, are the gifts that life has given us, life is An accompaniment is a level. If life is a game, then we can only cut through each of these levels, and you can successfully clear the customs. Although the process of customs clearance will be extremely difficult, it will also make you feel bruised, but how can you understand the stimulation of this game? Sex, how can you taste the joy after customs clearance?

Everyone is a walker of life journey, no matter how wonderful or unacceptable the scenery along the way is what we have to pass, or stop, or go, or laugh, or tears, or hurt, or pain… when we look back Isn’t the footprint left behind behind it the sublimation of life? Intertwined and intertwined, just as the most beautiful songs have the most beautiful notes to match the most perfect, our life needs to be missing to be perfect, only true.

Life is not a fairy tale, we are not gods, we can let us do whatever we want.

In fact, the biggest enemy of people is not others but themselves. The troubles are not all from the pressure of life but the torture of emotions, but we can’t adapt to the days when there is no such thing, so we can only choose to face strong. Use wisdom to fill the mind, use generosity to tolerate the insufficiency, use experience to accumulate life, and save yourself while also laying down at the right time. Life is just a passing landscape, why care too much, remember too much heart will be tired, think too much heart will hurt, learn to pamper yourself, learn to be distressed when you are sad, whenever you can Open-minded, calm, calm and modest to deal with the lack of life, only then we can get inner peace, happiness and indifference, not tired of the heart, not regretted, unloading yesterday to let today happy.

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During a mountaineering, I saw a pair of white-haired old people helping each other and stepping on the steep stone steps. I was thinking, how old is it, how come I climbed such a steep mountain, some curious I went up and asked, I said: Grandpa, you and the grandmother climbed so high in the mountains, he smiled and said, “No more than you young, physical strength is not enough,” I asked again, then how do you still climb so Steep mountain? He said to me in a harmonious tone. “When we were young, we often climbed the mountain. This habit has never changed. Now my legs and feet are not sloppy, but I can still move. Before I lay down on the bed, I climbed this mountain with my wife. One, to exercise, the second is that we can’t change the habit of climbing together. We are old, we can’t say that we will enter the loess on that day. It is a time to climb once more. The ladder went step by step.

When I was up the mountain, I was thinking about it. What a touching scene, is this the “hand of the child, and the old man.” There is also a positive attitude towards life from the simple words of the old grandfather. The coveted year still insists on the common fun of two people for many years. This is how touching! Unfortunately, no more human body will come to the philosophy behind these real pictures in life, many young people like me, an ideal is a three-minute heat, never insisted on insisting on one thing, a relationship It’s just a short-term passion. I never used my heart to cultivate the tacit understanding of two people for a lifetime. In the end, I wasted a lot of beautiful time. Always looking for the road of life, perhaps the boulevard exists in these subtle pictures of life, but we have never experienced it before. I think that here, I suddenly feel that those fatigues have been thrown into the clouds, and the footsteps are also lighter, step by step to the top of the mountain. Going away.

Another time, I went to learn to swim. A father is teaching a child to swim. He gently tied the swimming ring to the child, then placed him on the water, a movement and a movement, from his focused eyes. You can see the sincere love, what a touching scene! I am thinking, when we were learning a little thing when we were young, did our parents teach us this way? I think it should be, but the memory at that time was rather vague. Through this scene, I vaguely saw the process of growing up as a child. And the unselfish love of parents is really a touching scene.

Once I watched a movie, the male protagonist became famous, and then said something to his beloved girl. “Your smile can bring me good luck. It is my greatest luck to meet you.” A very touching scene, It is worthy of a taste, life is really the luckiest thing to meet a pair of talents.

In fact, there are moving things happening all the time. When we see a stranger’s selfless help to a stranger, will it feel very touching? When we saw a couple smiling and walking to the marriage hall, would we feel very touched? When we saw a pair of parents holding their children in the park, would they be moved by their happiness? Intention to discover life, in fact, there is a beautiful existence everywhere, a beautiful picture, a warm words, a beautiful memory… When these beautiful things are gathered in our hearts, we can dress our lives beautifully. When you get up, your life will be full of emotions, and you will be able to form beautiful memories. When we are also coveted, when we see certain scenes, we can also awaken our memories of youth. Just as we see the present scene and think of our childhood, these reflections are the philosophy of life, if you can Observing the movements that exist in life will reflect our past. In the future, the truth of life will not be late, and the mistakes concerning the Lord of life will be reduced.

Discovering the beautiful picture in life is to discover the touch, and the moving can bring us positive positive energy. When we see the sun setting, there will be no sadness of “the broken heart in the world”, but we will think and pass Have a nice day. When we see the lonely smoke in the desert, we will not sigh the desolateness of life, but will think, what a spectacular scene! When we see the spring flower curtain call, we will not sigh that the spring is so short, but will want to get results soon! Being active is an attitude of life and an attitude that determines the color of life. This attitude comes from insight into beauty !

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Do you know? I dreamt of you again last night. You are as handsome as you are in the past. You are facing me, sitting in the place where we often go to the cafe. I walked straight to that position, but I watched. When I arrived, I stopped there for a long time, then you turned to see me, you smiled at me, I took the courage to try to approach you, but I never walked to that position, watching you with a blind eye. Close at hand, but it is difficult to get close, and finally until you disappear.

I woke up, blinked, dark, quiet, I emptied for a few seconds, and finally finally recognized the fact that you had left me. Yes, I have already left.

It is said that the person dreamed of dreaming is because the bottom of my heart feels far away, so I want to see you again in my dreams. However, in the dream, you are also far away from me, how can I rely on it? Near you.

Perhaps it is telling me in this way, if you are separated, don’t hold hope, reality, dreams can’t.

When we are together, friends around us know that loving you is something they all know. Later, apart, only a small number of people know, but no one knows that I still love you. This is the secret of my own.

Later, I have been single. Sometimes my friends joked, “Have you not forgotten him?” I said, “How is it possible? I have forgotten the people who took it.” The answer is so crisp and so good that they I have believed, and I have said so much, even I have almost believed.

However, why did you feel your heart when you heard your name? Why do you feel uncomfortable when you think of you inadvertently? Why do you see a heart similar to yours on the street? It will be my dream, and why I don’t feel the boys who appear around me. Until today, you are still the reason for my rejection of others. I am not waiting for you, but I still don’t like others.

Will sneak into your space, because when Wechat was not so popular at the time, then you will be asked to make a couple portrait, associated qq number, set into a couple space, have been in your space to leave a message when you have time. Later, our qq is no longer associated, you also changed the avatar, changed the space to dress up, and cleared all the messages. I sneaked in and tweeted and then silently deleted the access record. I want to know your news, but I am afraid that you know that I am still thinking about it.

Will sneak into your city, turn around the path we often walk, breathe the air of the city, blowing the same wind as you, is it worth embracing?

I will also travel around with my bag. I remember telling you a lot of places I want to go. You always say that you have money. If you want to go there, you always say that you have a chance and go to many places. But until I have not been to any place, I walked around and stopped watching the scenery I said together, and where are you?

After two years of together, it took three years to remember, memories are longer than experience, should I say that I am too infatuated or too want to open?

In fact, sometimes our heart is far from being so chic, the back can be turned around, and how can the vacancies in the heart be filled? On the day after I left, I loved everyone who loved you for a long time. I think this should be the price I said to break up. But the three years of repayment have been enough, and the rest I just want to live to see for myself.

I always hope that you can come, will suddenly stand in front of me, will call me to let me downstairs to surprise me, will gently say “Do not come innocent” but now I do not want, those nowhere The emotions placed will let them return to their place. You don’t come, I am innocent.

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This storry is about my hometown.

When I was busy in the afternoon, I decided to go back to my hometown. The sunset glowed in the outline of the city building, and the cars on the street were coming and going. I don’t like the excitement in the city, I will scare away the sunset. At this time, the wind is light, the fields are quiet, and the sunset is shy.

. The bus only went to the town. When I got off the car from my hometown, I heard someone shouting at me. It was my father’s father who took my baggage and spoke with one hand: “I received it, we received it, we will come back. “When I handed the phone to me, my mother asked me what I wanted to eat for dinner. I said, ‘Mom, I want to eat your noodles.’

The small dirt slope in front of the door seemed strange and restrained under the night, and seemed to treat me as a distant guest. I learned that I was coming back. When I entered the door, I saw that my mother was walking towards the door. She looked at me and laughed and pulled me into the house.

“Sit down, it’s hard to get in the car?” The mother was as excited as a child who got a beloved toy, and I sat on the sofa.

“Go wash your hands, sweat more along the way.” I just got up, and my mother hurriedly gestured to me not to move. I said to me, “I will give you the end, don’t pick it up.” Waiting for me to return, turn to the yard. It is.

The mother came to the water, handed me a towel, turned and ran to the kitchen. I know that my mother is making me a noodle. I remember that I was out of school one morning in junior high school. Because my mother was busy with farming and cooking late, I was angry and prepared to go to school without eating. The mother also let me sit, turned and ran to the kitchen to make me noodles.

I have eaten the noodles made by my mother many times, but I have never seen her look like noodles. Thinking of this, I gently came to the yard, the kitchen door was open, I stood a few meters away from the kitchen, just to see the mother.

The kitchen is still filled with white woven lamps. The night sky is surrounded by water vapor, and the faint yellow light emitted by the white light seems to be a little powerless. The mother was under the lamp, she was rubbing her face with a rolling pin, and the rolling pin was very thick. She seemed to use a lot of strength. The dough was gradually flattened by the rugged rough rolling under the rolling pin, and finally flattened on the chopping board like a piece of paper. Just like the road I walked from childhood to small, how many thorns and thorns were flattened by my mother with both hands.

I think my mother must have been so glutinous noodles before. The only change is that her hands are once white and smooth, and now it is rough and old. My mother suddenly looked up and saw me. I hurried out and asked if I couldn’t stand it.

I couldn’t say anything when I was flustered. I only shook my head and stopped looking at her. I went back to the house and sat down.

After a while, the mother came in with a large bowl of noodles. I got up and picked it up. She shouted: “You don’t move, the bowl is very hot.” I sit down again. She puts the bowl in front of me and hands it to me. Chopsticks, urging me to eat quickly.

Mothers always do this, and always urge me to eat hot when I eat. I heard her reminder before, and there was always a grievance in my heart. I was too slow to let her go. Today I picked up the chopsticks and put the noodles in my mouth.

“Don’t be so big, be careful.”

I nodded.

“Right, put some vinegar, so delicious, I will take it.”

She turned to the kitchen to bring the vinegar and poured it into my bowl.

“How about, not light, then put some salt?”

I shook my head.

“Eat meat, that’s what I put in my face, eat it!”

I picked up a piece of meat and ate it in my mouth. She was satisfied, standing on the side and watching me eat. I didn’t persuade my mother to go to dinner, because I knew that I didn’t finish it, she refused to go.

After eating a bowl of noodles, the sweat slid down the cheeks. The taste of the noodles was half in the mouth, sweet and pure, and the other half was in the heart, a bit sour. A small drop of liquid flows into the mouth, simmering, salty, not knowing that it is sweat, or the tears in my eyes.

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That early morning

Early in the morning, I was called by my mother. I am a little dissatisfied. Usually I always have to stay in bed for a while. But when I stumbled into my mother’s tight face, I seemed to understand something for a moment, and my heart trembled in faintness.

There were a few loud dogs in the village. I was so excited that I sat up straight.

My mother usually loves me very much. But now, she looked into my eyes and said in a voice that I had never heard before, which was so serious that I was afraid: “I ask you, do you really want to stay here?”

I moved my lips and bowed my head. I think I know the reason why my mother came. It is nothing more than to teach me. Because just yesterday, the mother’s daughter, who had always been sensible in her eyes, and the intimate little cotton jacket, learned to skip school, and the reason was only because of the longing for life in the city, and she wanted to force her parents to submit.

I thought that I should be taught by my mother. And I am very grateful to my mother, because when my mother found me, I did not hit me in front of so many people, but I pulled me back home. My mother was angry, as can be seen from my blushing wrist and her red eyes. But the mother didn’t say anything, and turned into the house and didn’t come out all day.

I never dare to look at my mother. I am afraid that I am deeply disappointed in seeing my mother’s eyes.

The dog in the village was no longer called, but it seemed to be quieter all around. I even heard the long humming sound.

I finally couldn’t help but raise my head. My mother’s silence made me feel helpless. I decided to ask my mother for forgiveness first.

But the mother interrupted me if I was about to export. She just asked me again and again, whether she wanted to go to the city to live.

I took a moment, then took a deep breath and said firmly to my mother, “Yes! I always hope to go to the city to study.” After a long time, my mother slowly nodded, I heard her with great determination. Said a word: good. I was amazed at the mother’s eyes and found that the mother’s deep eyes were filled with unknown emotions. She stopped looking at me and turned away from the house.

Looking at my mother’s waist that is gradually bending due to the burden of life, my heart is sour. I understood the meaning of my mother’s words, but I was not happy.

I stood up and struggled to follow up, but the mother had already disappeared from the house. I rushed out anxiously, staring at the parents sitting on the steps and bathing in the sun, relying on each other.

The mother looked at the small vegetable garden in front of the house, and it was speechless for a long time. Only the brow that was tightly locked showed the pain of the master. The father whispered comfortably next to him: “I know that you can’t bear it. If you lived for decades, you already have feelings. If you don’t want to leave, maybe she is just interested in it? What’s more, if I go there, if I am looking for it. Not working, how can I live?” The mother shook her head. “Who don’t know who her temper? How can I delay her for herself? No matter how hard it is, good for her, I will win for her. Just…just I really can’t let it go, really…”

In the morning sun, the tears in her mother’s eyes slid down quietly, stroking her thin cheeks and falling on the steps paved with cement. Looking at my mother’s shaking shoulders, I couldn’t help but turn my back and let my tears come out…

I will never forget that in the morning, there was a great mother who swallowed all the pain and helplessness in front of her children, but sat on the steps and secretly wept…

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Life is like time, the same for everyone. However, because of differences in people’s thoughts, thinking, and mentality, different life situations have emerged. Some people are poor and bitter, some people have a good time, and some people have a good time.

In the face of such a poor life, nature will naturally complain or complain. However, we have had deep analysis and thinking, why can others do well and you are not good? Many times, we are too concerned about the wealth that our family or parents have accumulated for us or the material basis for us. We are too weak to push excuses and reasons to our parents. If that’s the case, it’s not too much. Efforts lead to a life that is not as good as others or as a sin of a parent, so this is too bad.

What parents can give us is actually only life. This is already the greatest gift of nature to us. We must not be grateful but ungrateful or enmity, that is our greatest sin. In fact, we should know our own situation and the difference with others, and find the direction and goal of our struggle, and constantly strive and change. If you just complain or complain, it may be like this for a lifetime.

Born at our side, the family is poor, the people who are in bad condition are everywhere, but they can live a free and happy, and how can you not? This is what we should think, it should be clear: “Complaint is useless “All depends on yourself” because the only thing we can rely on in this world is ourselves. Why, because you rely on others, others cannot help or serve you forever. One day they will leave you; because you rely on your parents, parents don’t. You may always be a child or not let you grow up. One day they will also leave you; because you rely on relatives and friends, relatives and friends will not always help you, and one day they will love you.

Complaining, in fact, is the biggest obstacle to us. If we start to feel disheartened because we encounter a little bit of disappointment or disappointment, we will be dejected and stunned. The whole person is so ruined, then no one can save you, who I can’t change you, and eventually someone will really look down on you. We should always maintain a sunny state of mind and live confidently, because life is not so good, then we have no reason not to take it too well. This kind of mentality is actually very valuable, but many of us can’t do it. Maybe they will always think that this is contrived, that is, it is to be emotional, that is, to force themselves. However, we can carefully observe the people around us. How many successes can you complain about all day? No. On the contrary, those who have encountered difficulties and actively seek solutions have achieved little success. This is the difference. This is what you have never thought of. Therefore, your life is not as good as others. It is because you can’t eat the hardships that others can eat. You don’t want to pay as much as others pay. You don’t go right or fear to face those difficulties and frustrations.

There is a saying in the old saying: “It’s hard to eat and bitter, and it is a person to be a person.” It is precisely telling us that we should suffer in the face of life. We have only experienced the hardships of the world to punish our tenacity and perseverance. Character. What we need is action, not complaints and complaints. Only action can solve problems. Complaints can only be regarded as incompetence to oneself. Because he has no ability or courage to overcome and change, he will find excuses and reasons to evade, and will continue to grieve, eventually plaguing himself and thus consuming a precious time of his life. To become a person, you must overcome your complaints, eliminate your grievances, and fight with confidence that I can do, so that your life is naturally different.

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