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Life is like time, the same for everyone. However, because of differences in people’s thoughts, thinking, and mentality, different life situations have emerged. Some people are poor and bitter, some people have a good time, and some people have a good time.

In the face of such a poor life, nature will naturally complain or complain. However, we have had deep analysis and thinking, why can others do well and you are not good? Many times, we are too concerned about the wealth that our family or parents have accumulated for us or the material basis for us. We are too weak to push excuses and reasons to our parents. If that’s the case, it’s not too much. Efforts lead to a life that is not as good as others or as a sin of a parent, so this is too bad.

What parents can give us is actually only life. This is already the greatest gift of nature to us. We must not be grateful but ungrateful or enmity, that is our greatest sin. In fact, we should know our own situation and the difference with others, and find the direction and goal of our struggle, and constantly strive and change. If you just complain or complain, it may be like this for a lifetime.

Born at our side, the family is poor, the people who are in bad condition are everywhere, but they can live a free and happy, and how can you not? This is what we should think, it should be clear: “Complaint is useless “All depends on yourself” because the only thing we can rely on in this world is ourselves. Why, because you rely on others, others cannot help or serve you forever. One day they will leave you; because you rely on your parents, parents don’t. You may always be a child or not let you grow up. One day they will also leave you; because you rely on relatives and friends, relatives and friends will not always help you, and one day they will love you.

Complaining, in fact, is the biggest obstacle to us. If we start to feel disheartened because we encounter a little bit of disappointment or disappointment, we will be dejected and stunned. The whole person is so ruined, then no one can save you, who I can’t change you, and eventually someone will really look down on you. We should always maintain a sunny state of mind and live confidently, because life is not so good, then we have no reason not to take it too well. This kind of mentality is actually very valuable, but many of us can’t do it. Maybe they will always think that this is contrived, that is, it is to be emotional, that is, to force themselves. However, we can carefully observe the people around us. How many successes can you complain about all day? No. On the contrary, those who have encountered difficulties and actively seek solutions have achieved little success. This is the difference. This is what you have never thought of. Therefore, your life is not as good as others. It is because you can’t eat the hardships that others can eat. You don’t want to pay as much as others pay. You don’t go right or fear to face those difficulties and frustrations.

There is a saying in the old saying: “It’s hard to eat and bitter, and it is a person to be a person.” It is precisely telling us that we should suffer in the face of life. We have only experienced the hardships of the world to punish our tenacity and perseverance. Character. What we need is action, not complaints and complaints. Only action can solve problems. Complaints can only be regarded as incompetence to oneself. Because he has no ability or courage to overcome and change, he will find excuses and reasons to evade, and will continue to grieve, eventually plaguing himself and thus consuming a precious time of his life. To become a person, you must overcome your complaints, eliminate your grievances, and fight with confidence that I can do, so that your life is naturally different.

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