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In the depths of memory, when I was a child in physical education class, the teacher organized our boys to engage in a high jump competition. When the standard rose to 90 cm, there were always a few boys jumping, so that they were booed by other students. In the middle, there is also no self-confidence, because I am one of the boys who can’t jump.

Later, in order to make all the boys’ sports performance pass, the teacher once again talked about the skills of high jump. I heard the words in one word and one sentence. When I jumped again, I took the courage and tried again according to the skills of the teacher. This time, I skipped it. At this time, all the classmates in the class brushed their applause.

This incident has been affecting me for many years. When I am falling behind, I have to be laughed at by others. Only when I improve, can I be respected and encouraged by others. To be better, you can meet the best of others.

Life is unsatisfactory. There are yin and sunny, and there are losses, happiness, and unhappiness. If we are deeply involved in this kind of complexity, we will lose ourselves, only improve our own height and let ourselves In the tempering of life, cultivate your own heart, do not tangled with chaos, try to interact with positive energy people, let yourself maintain a strong state, always let yourself be in an optimal state, Then, the beauty of life is blooming to you.

Sometimes, we are sad, we can allow ourselves to be sad for a while, but we don’t allow ourselves to indulge in it. There are many slices in life. The window sees the puppy dead, and the other window may be the flowers. Therefore, it is important to switch channels and status in a timely manner to exercise your control.

Life can’t be without regrets. Life without regrets is a kind of regret. What we have to do is to deal with these regrets with the correct attitude and way, to pack up our feelings, to go to the light, to go further and see the bigger sea. It is necessary to learn to let go of the obsession in the heart, but also to be worthy of our own, because we put down what is impossible, and our dissatisfaction is responsible for our own life. Sometimes, when we walk in tears, what we once thought is impossible, it is possible, and those unreachable goals have become the scenery behind us.

If you are in full bloom, the butterfly is coming, if you are wonderful, the day is arranged, sometimes, what we lack is just a kind of self-exciting courage, obviously can make ourselves better, but give up the opportunity, clearly can prove themselves, but Lack of courage. Many times, it is not that we can’t, but we don’t dare to think about it. We dare not try it. It is more frightening to fear that failure is more than failure itself.

In fact, each of us can discover better ourselves and be the best ourselves, but we lose the ability to self-explore. Those nine-to-five peace make us fascinated, the temptations of the feasting people let us sink, the complicated people make us tired, the “friendship” of the friends and friends makes us mess, we are just a slave driven by desire, not the master The master of desire, when one can correctly handle his own desires and trivial matters of life, then this is the best self.

The best self is often extremely simple, life is simple, not inconsistent with the heart, not trapped in love, always maintain a light state, often have good control over sudden things, will never be themselves The desire is swallowed up, the gods are clear, the heart has love, the leaves are inseparable, the water is like water…

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