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Alice’s blog, New York Manhattan best escort service girl .

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Do you know? I dreamt of you again last night. You are as handsome as you are in the past. You are facing me, sitting in the place where we often go to the cafe. I walked straight to that position, but I watched. When I arrived, I stopped there for a long time, then you turned to see me, you smiled at me, I took the courage to try to approach you, but I never walked to that position, watching you with a blind eye. Close at hand, but it is difficult to get close, and finally until you disappear.

I woke up, blinked, dark, quiet, I emptied for a few seconds, and finally finally recognized the fact that you had left me. Yes, I have already left.

It is said that the person dreamed of dreaming is because the bottom of my heart feels far away, so I want to see you again in my dreams. However, in the dream, you are also far away from me, how can I rely on it? Near you.

Perhaps it is telling me in this way, if you are separated, don’t hold hope, reality, dreams can’t.

When we are together, friends around us know that loving you is something they all know. Later, apart, only a small number of people know, but no one knows that I still love you. This is the secret of my own.

Later, I have been single. Sometimes my friends joked, “Have you not forgotten him?” I said, “How is it possible? I have forgotten the people who took it.” The answer is so crisp and so good that they I have believed, and I have said so much, even I have almost believed.

However, why did you feel your heart when you heard your name? Why do you feel uncomfortable when you think of you inadvertently? Why do you see a heart similar to yours on the street? It will be my dream, and why I don’t feel the boys who appear around me. Until today, you are still the reason for my rejection of others. I am not waiting for you, but I still don’t like others.

Will sneak into your space, because when Wechat was not so popular at the time, then you will be asked to make a couple portrait, associated qq number, set into a couple space, have been in your space to leave a message when you have time. Later, our qq is no longer associated, you also changed the avatar, changed the space to dress up, and cleared all the messages. I sneaked in and tweeted and then silently deleted the access record. I want to know your news, but I am afraid that you know that I am still thinking about it.

Will sneak into your city, turn around the path we often walk, breathe the air of the city, blowing the same wind as you, is it worth embracing?

I will also travel around with my bag. I remember telling you a lot of places I want to go. You always say that you have money. If you want to go there, you always say that you have a chance and go to many places. But until I have not been to any place, I walked around and stopped watching the scenery I said together, and where are you?

After two years of together, it took three years to remember, memories are longer than experience, should I say that I am too infatuated or too want to open?

In fact, sometimes our heart is far from being so chic, the back can be turned around, and how can the vacancies in the heart be filled? On the day after I left, I loved everyone who loved you for a long time. I think this should be the price I said to break up. But the three years of repayment have been enough, and the rest I just want to live to see for myself.

I always hope that you can come, will suddenly stand in front of me, will call me to let me downstairs to surprise me, will gently say “Do not come innocent” but now I do not want, those nowhere The emotions placed will let them return to their place. You don’t come, I am innocent.