10 Things you must know if you looking for the Party Asian escort or massage in New York

When you are looking for fun in Manhattan and other areas of New York, when you want to Hire Asian Escort, there are 10 things you must pay attention to. For all customers, whether you are new or old customers, please read it carefully. There may be some adjustments compared to the past, but most of the services to customers have not changed. Attention our customers! Our services are divided into three major categories: escort service, massage service, party service.

First, please inform our girls of your needs as soon as our girls arrive at your residence. Our girls will be extremely unlikely to meet your needs. Of course, we will ignore some excessive requirements, because we have experienced many bad things. Of course, we will not explain them one by one here. We just want our customers to understand us. We can be considerate and respect each other. In this environment, we can make our cooperation to your satisfaction.
Second, when your service girl arrives at your place, you need to pay the service fee in advance. This is our industry rule. Of course, our customer service staff will tell you the detailed process as soon as possible, and we will not let you know The girl to your place.
Third, once you choose to make an appointment with our escort girls, you should try not to cancel your appointment at will, especially within one hour of the appointment time. If you cancel it very early, it will not have any impact on your credit, of course. We will not exclude customers who have encountered some very urgent matters to deal with, so we recommend that customers try to book our escort service as long as they are sure that their time is free, which will ensure that you can successfully make an appointment with us Girls also guarantee that our escort girls will not waste their time.
Fourth, when you are at the end of the service, please tell our girls 10 minutes in advance. If you want to extend the time, there will be many other customers to make an appointment with us when you enjoy the service happily. Girls, when we learn from the girls in advance that you want to extend the time, we can help customers arrange other girls or reschedule their appointments, etc. to avoid unnecessary situations when you extend the time.
Fifth, if you are traveling in New York, when you want to book our girl, we recommend that you choose the hotel you choose to stay in Manhattan as much as possible, because our girl will reach your hotel faster because of our 90% of escort girls are waiting for an appointment near Manhattan, New York.

Sixth, sometimes the price will be a little different depending on your area. Before booking a girl, we need your most detailed address in order to tell you the most certain price.You can also check the escort rate on our website.

Seventh, when customers contact our customer service to make an appointment for a girl, please try not to ask some strange questions. Our services have three categories: escort service, party service, message service. You only need to tell our customer service staff what kind of service you need, because the job of the customer service staff is only to inform our girls of the type of service, and to You send a girl you need. For details about each category, when our girl arrives at your hotel or residence, customers can ask the girl. Our service includes almost all the services you want. .
Eighth, regarding the question of tips, I believe that our customers are relatively kind and gentle. No matter where the customers come from, they will know that in the United States, we have a tradition of paying tips for services. It is not a problem. As long as you think that the girls make you happy and bring you joy, even if the girls do not make this request, customers will take the initiative to pay the girls hard labor. We will not describe too much the problem of tips, and customer satisfaction is our greatest recognition.

Ninth, this article can also be regarded as a statement from us: We know that some customers are unwilling to disclose their information, but in order for girls to reach your residence or hotel room accurately, customers must provide a specific room number or apartment number. For customers staying at the hotel, we need to know the name of the hotel you are booking, not only for faster and more accurate arrival, but also for the safety of our girls. We hope customers can understand us. We never disclose any customer information, such as name, phone number, etc. We are legally protecting all customer information under US law. Our services are protected by law and we take all legal responsibility for our actions.
Tenth, our most distinctive service is party girl. When you book this service, you only need to tell our customer service. Our girl has all the things you need. You do n’t need to ask customer service staff for this. Many details, here we tell you again, we have everything you need.
Finally, most of our services are at nighttime. If no one answers your call, the customer service will send you a text message as soon as possible. You are welcome to come to make an appointment. Appointment number: 347-654-8745. You can also visit our web to see the blog!
. Our official website: www.nycescortasian.com